Weekend Ketchup #3 (Or is it #4? I skipped one)

Jul 31

The Ketchups are my newly revived, mostly-weekly ritual, a fret-free way to assure that I post once a week, even if it’s not pure awesome-sauce. If you’d like to play along, just add your ketchup (or a link to it) in the condiment section below.

Whoa. This week? I got stuff DONE! Go me!

We have a new About page! I’m still scared to go and re-read it just yet, but I thought it was pretty rockin’ when I wrote it.

And writing about myself? I hate it so much that I avoided it by logged into LinkedIn and updated my contacts there – something I’d not done in 2 years. And I seriously hate LinkedIn, because it’s so formal and there are so many blanks in my resume and and and…. well. You get the picture. But my About-Page avoidance wasn’t quite severe enough to make me update Facebook.

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First, Second & Third Things: Totemic Updates!

Jul 28

First Things First! Two more Totems have been added to the Menagerie! They belong to Gordon Remey and ShivaMonster, and I had a lot of exploring both sites (stage magic and Shiva Nata.. does it get any better?) Click on the images below to see all 5 that have been completed.

Harrot = Hare + Carrot

(the three previous totems belong to Christy Bower, Taryn Blake and RainbowSpiritGoddess.  How cool are they?)

Second Things Second: The first-round of Totems are, sadly, sold out while I dig myself out from under 20+ orders in 36 hours.  That 20 sold didn’t surprise me, but the timing? Yeah. That seriously surprised me. I had to close the offer way early, for fear that I’d be making people wait months for delivery!

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The First Totems Are In Place!

Jul 26


You can discover their stories & owners here:

Community Menagerie In Progress!


It's Another Flourish!

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It’s a Menagerie of Totems!

Jul 25

So, This Empty Pole?

It looks lonely, doesn’t it?

This is where the message from the totem will go. It will also tell you who the totem belongs to, along with a link to their website.

Also, if you click on the totem (or, in this case, the Vacancy sign) it will take you directly to the website of the community member, too. Cool, isn’t it?

That’s because it’s waiting on YOU, waiting to have your Quirkipreneurial community totem placed on it.

Which is seriously cool.

And pretty darn quirky.

It's A Flourish!

Want the full fancy pants details?

Visit the Really Official Sales Page!
(it has big red fonts and everything!)

(sold out!)


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I Believe In You.

Jul 21

I Believe In You (mp3)

(And just for those who are audio-averse… look, a transcript!)
Even unicorns need to be believed in!

Yes, I believe in you…
Even when you’re whiny,

And so frustrated and cranky that you can’t stand yourself.

I believe in you.

Even when your disappointment bleeds out onto your desk, getting your keyboard so sticky that the caps lock key refuses to release, and you’re shouting at everybody.

And when that damnable caps lock key, and your own self-sabotage make me want to shake you and yell CUT IT OUT ALREADY, DAMMIT!?

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Weekend Ketchup: #2 of 57 Varieties

Jul 17

image The Ketchups are my newly revived, maybe-weekly ritual, a fret-free way to assure that I post once a week, even if it’s not pure awesome-sauce. If you’d like to play along, just add your ketchup (or a link to it) in the condiment section below.  And yes, this is loosely based on Havi’s Friday Chickens, except it’s Ketchup.  And yes, she’s fine with it. (She even linked to my very first ketchup experiment in 2009. Which only went for one week. So I’ve already surpassed myself… yay!)

So. This Week? Realizations?
Don’t remember them.

I know I had some, but they’ve vanished, so I think I’ll just whine, for a moment.  Wine may not be an ingredient in your ketchup recipe, but it’s in mine, because I said so.

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What’s all The Fuss With Google+?

Jul 16


“Ho-Hum, it’s another social media platform.
It’ll suck. I’ll suck at it. My friends will suck at it.
And I don’t need another Facebook-Twitter-MySpace-Plurk-WTFever sucking my time away!
I’m too busy for this + shit.”

Well, my happy ray of social sunshine, you might want to rethink your apathy – and not because I un-cleverly rhymed a headline, either.

Like it or not, G+ isn’t going away. How do I know? According to Google CEO Larry Page, the service now boasts 10 million users, who have shared 1 billion items in a single day.

That’s some serious traction for a 3 week old beta service.

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