I’ve No Idea What To Title This Post. But It’s About Naomi. And It Feels Important.

Aug 31

I love Naomi Dunford.

Why?  Well, she’s one heck of a prototypical Quirkipreneur.  She does business and blogging *her* way, by gawd, and no one is gonna stop her or tell her it’s against the rules.

She’s what my Grandmother would call (in a hushed voice) a “mouthy broad”.

She cusses up a storm on her blog.  She wears tight t-shirts on video, then cusses even more.  She is utterly transparent in the areas of her life she chooses to reveal and the rest of it is none of your gawd-damn business, thank you very much.

Whether you care for her shtick or not? The way she carries herself as herself, with no holds barred and no apology has given a lot of women in business on the web (and off, I imagine) permission to be ourselves… able to follow or break the rules as *we* choose, not as is dictated to us by any established standard.

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Totem Post #5!

Aug 31

Check it out… four more Totems for your viewing pleasure, and four more incredible, quirky businesses to explore!

These lovely, cuddly, clever beasties were drawn for:

How awesome are these folks?
(Pretty darn awesome, I’m tellin’ ya)

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Totem Pole Update!

Aug 24

The latest totems are up, and like all the rest, they’re my very most favorites ever!  Click on them to see the full menagerie and their stories.

These loverly beasties belong to Open Roads Coaching, Stitch Circus, and The Social Caterpillar.

I’d hoped to have the last few totems done before I posted the announcement, but alas, alark and woe,  a summer cold and a very sickly grumpy spouse have conspired against that plan.  But if you’re among the final few, never fear… they’re coming soon!

It's Another Flourish!

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Thoughts On Being A Quirkipreneur: It’s Not About You

Aug 22

The Antlered & Quirky.  We Rock.

Having spent the last few days in a summer-cold-coming-on haze, I’ve had plenty of time to think. It’s not been a very productive think, but it’s been a very long one, so there have to be a few gems in there, right? This is my Dayquil enhanced attempt to capture a few of those gems, in their rough and unpolished state.

Being a successful Quirkipreneur is more than just throwing your henna’d hands in the air and celebrating your weirdness while perching it jauntily atop your head like a set of off-balance antlers. (although I have to admit, that IS fun)

Being a Quirkipreneur means approaching your unique oddities and creative strange-ness with intent. It means honing your presentation and message until your weirdness evolves into a highly marketable & palatable brand.

Knowing just how to hone that presentation? It means understanding and accepting not just your own quirks, but the quirks of your Right People (and probably those of your Wrong People, too.)

Because as a Quirkipreneur? It’s not all about *you*.

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It’s A Strange Day, And Then There Were Totems!

Aug 15

The brain has not been cooperating this week, and this morning? Yeah. It’s threatening to explode in a fit of dandelion fluff.  I’d draw you an illustration of what that feels like but, well, the artistic ability of a fluff brain is fairly limited.

But if you are missing my ramblings? Never fear! I wrote a guest post for Jade Craven’s LaunchWatch – it’s all about what I learned from launching my totem promotion, and you can find it here:

5 Lessons From A Launch That Went Wrong
(In All The Right Ways

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Totem Ketchup! The Second Pole

Aug 08

Since I didn’t ketchup over the weekend, you get your ketchup on Monday, this week.  And it’s a limited, brief ketchup, just dealing with Totems!

After a wee struggle with some tech issues, we’ve got a brand new way of displaying the totems & poles, and four new totems in the menagerie. Click on them to go to the pole, and read their messages:

The Fashion FeefsterDragonfly Effect

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Is Your Business Suffering From Self-Help Syndrome?

Aug 05

Running your own creative business will stir up every neurotic impulse you’ve ever had, and then it will invent a few new ones just for fun.

My New Self-Help Book: 30 Days To Overcome Self Help Syndrome

You’re not alone in this; even the most experienced, qualified, and talented entrepreneurs struggle with doubt, fears, crippling and crippled egos, performance anxieties, over/under confidence, gambling too big, risking too little, yadda yadda into infinity and beyond.

Left untended, those neurotic quirks can cause big problems for your business.  A minor anxiety about finances can lead to avoiding record keeping which leads to tax nightmares.  Feeling less-than-confident about your writing can mean you avoid answering emails and miss sales.  Your over-compensating ego can mean you won’t even consider advice from experts and are forever re-inventing the wheel.

Letting your psyche run roughshod over your business? It’s just bad for business.

You already know all of this, I’m sure.

I know that you’re an astoundingly self-aware bunch who regularly takes a non-judgmental (if informal) inventory of personal strengths and weaknesses. You’ve thought hard about how your shortcomings might impact your business, and you’ve decided that you’re just not going to let that happen.

And your plan for not-letting-that-happen is…. ?

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