Emmit’s New Place Holder WebPage!

Mar 07

This is quick and simple….

Emmit has Big Plans!

You’ll be able to keep up with him here:

There will be more images of other #Emmit inspired plans later today, and the Facebook link will be working soon, too – promise!

Also!  An interview with Jennifer Lee of Right Brained Business Plans will be posted tomorrow.
How cool is that?

And several people from the Right Brainers In Business summit have asked about my love letter to my customers…. here it is! A Love Letter To My Right People

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Popcorn Calm: Two Hot Buttered Resources for Friday Self-care (On A Sunday)

Mar 06

Git Your Popcorn! Hot Fresh Giant Popcorn! On Friday, I’d planned to publish an interview with Jennifer Lee about her just released Right Brained Business Plan Book (did I mention I’m in it? Oh, only about a thousand times? Ok!) but things got a bit busy for both of us, so we’ve saving that glorious bit of wonder for later.

Instead, I decided to work with another tip I learned from her, “Self-Care Fridays”.  See, Jenn’s  dedicates her Fridays to self-nurturing and fun, restorative & restful activities that help her recover from a hectic week.  So in lieu of her interview, I gathered up two of my favorite quick and easily available resources for “Self-Care Fridays”.

These work great for what I call “popcorn calm”, instant, simple, and stress free ways of injecting some relaxation into my day.

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Emmit & the Right Brainers In Business Video Summit!

Feb 24

So, by now you know…

…that Emmit is my Celebrity Business Plan, right? And that some of his pages appears in the The Right-Brain Business Plan book by Jennifer Lee, right?

But did ya know that Emmit and I will be part of the incredibly awesome line up on the Right Brainers In Business Video Summit? And that you can sign up to watch it for free?

No? Well, dammit.

Someone must have neglected to tell you.

Someone like, say, me.

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Beta Test Your Life

Feb 22

While monkeying around on Twitter the other day, I mentioned one of my methods for coping with perfectionism. The idea struck a chord with several people, so I dug up an old post on the topic. And yes, this idea is still in beta, too!

Beta Test Your Life

Oh-Fish-Ol Beta Tester!

Originally posted on MindTweaks,
MARCH 2, 2007

A few days ago, an acquaintance was telling me about his latest artistic endeavor: a taxidermy fish kit. He asked if he could give me one of the kits, to try, let him know if his instructions were good enough.

“YAY!” I exclaimed, “I get to beta test a fish!”

Ignoring the disturbing reality that I actually know people who create build-your-own-fish-kits, it was all very exciting, even though I had to explain what a beta tester is.

I’m not entirely sure he understood, but he figured that sounded pretty good anyway, and I began plotting how to best display my new-found, ever-so-official title, “Beta Tester for Aquatic Life, Stuffed And Mounted Division.”

That’s when Synchronicity struck, in her guise as the LifeHacker Archives.

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What You’ve Missed, What’s Yet To Come: The Circus Ketchup

Feb 14

You may have noticed…

…a curious silence from me over the past few weeks.  It’s because, as usual, I’ve managed to over-extend and over obligate myself, forgetting my limits and somehow being oh-so-sure that I’d magically be able to juggle responsibilities like a madwoman. (A madwoman who can juggle, I mean. Which I can’t do, no matter how mad of a woman I may be!)

So here’s a rundown on what you’ve missed lately (because I forgot to tell you)

It's Another Flourish!

The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success by Jennifer Lee is now shipping from Amazon!And guess who is featured in it, along with a whole slew of other awesome right-brained entrepreneurs?

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Emmit Takes On Business Models: The Results Show!(Part 3)

Jan 27

This entry is part of a series, Business Models»

First, a quick video break, courtesy of Emmit, Hisself.

Now, back to the serious business of business modeling!

If you’ve been following along, you already know that my trusty sidekick (Emmit-the-business-plan) started moonlighting as a fashion model.

And if you haven’t been following along, well, here are the links to what happened before:
Part 1:  The Five Questions
Part 2: The Intuitive Visualization

Ready to get on with things? Ok!

When last we left Emmit, he felt that he’d found his true calling on the fashion catwalks.  Since The Circus Serene’s content is largely personality-driven, the celebrity aspect actually makes some sense.  But being a celebrity isn’t a business model, so I decided to test my “Five Business Model Questions” out on Emmit Hisself.

The result is (somewhat surprisingly) darn close to an actual, actionable business model.   Here’s what I came up with:

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Emmit Takes On Business Models: An Intuitive Approach (Part 2)

Jan 23

This entry is part of a series, Business Models»

This Business Model article comes in Puzzle Pieces. This is the 2nd one. A Few Days Ago…

I rambled through an explanation of business models, and cobbled together five questions that a proper business model addresses.  You might want to keep them handy, so here they are again:

  1. What value does your thing create or enhance?
  2. How do you capture that value?
  3. How do you deliver that value?
  4. Who do you deliver the value to?
  5. How do you keep that process sustainable?

Seems pretty logical, so far.

Ready For The Weird Part?

This is where Emmit-His-Self got involved.

(If you’re not familar with Emmit yet, well… he’s a bit hard to explain. Emmit is my business plan, and he’s sort of a cross between Eddie Izzard and Bozo The Clown  – if Bozo were a closeted drag queen with a fetish for sparklies)

Anyway, when he first heard I was writing about business models, Emmit got all excited. On went his best Italian clown nose, and the  Big Shoes from Prada, and he strutted off to the Fashion District in search of a new career.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we weren’t talking about that kind of model, so I just sorta went with the flow.

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