The Fortune Teller’s Tent: Circus Card #2

May 13

Last week …

I challenged myself to post one original tarot-like card a week. So of course, yesterday, the cat shorted out my scanner by spilling a cup of coffee, and I lost my sketchbook for the thousandth time, making this week’s entry a bit more difficult than expected. So this week’s card is extra rough – colored  quickly by hand, photographed with the digital camera.

The show must go on!


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Who’s Afraid Of A Little Woo?

May 12

Woo-WOooooOOO says the ghost!

Me, That’s Who.

Apparently, anyway.

I’m talking, of course, about the infamous “woo-woo”, a phrase used to mean spooky, spiritualist, crystal-laden irrational beliefs not based in science or reality. It’s generally used in a dismissive or self-conscious way, and I associate it with the spiritualist fraud séances of yester-year – you know, sheet covered ghosts that say woooo, WOOOOO!

“Woo” came up recently on Twitter, where the lovely Bridget Pilloud and Abby Kerr were discussing why we view it in a derogatory way, and if it can be rebranded, so to speak. They got me thinking (as both of them often do) and I realized I’ve been shying away from spiritual topics here on The Circus.

Turns out, I’m mind-numbingly, progress-stuckingly petrified of being perceived as “woo-woo”.

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The Center Pole: Circus Card #1

May 05

Yes, I’m back from my fauxcation!

And yes, I dreamed up a gazillion brilliant ideas while sipping fauxgaritas.
And no, I don’t remember most of them.
Dammit, Janet!

But one idea did survive the time-off fog, and I’m still pretty enamored of it. The plan? Develop a deck of cards based around the imagery of The Circus Serene.  Cool metaphors. Wacky explanations. Strange drawings.

So I’m setting up a challenge to myself to post a rough draft of a card each week – with the emphasis on rough. But if all goes well, this will lead to a loverly printed deck in the end.

And the very first card?

Yepp, that’s it up there above, featuring  a circus tent interior and center pole.

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When it’s Been Too Long Since Your Last Post…

Apr 13

And you just can’t seem to get past the blogging doldrums because you really, REALLY want to save your writing and illustrating energy for your Upcoming Project?  The project you’re actually getting somewhere on, and have a hope of releasing sometime this decade? Yes, THAT one! The AWESOME project that you can nearly see the end of?

What do you do?

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Emmit Gets A Blog!

Apr 01

Up, Up and Away!It’s April 1st…

… and true to form, Emmit is out and about making a fool of himself! His new website, EmmitBuildsABusiness is now live, if somewhat.. unfinished. (Yeah.  Remember that issue with me and deadlines? Still not good with juggling them.)

But since “the show must go on!” I’ve turned the incompleteness into a feature! That’s right, our very first blog post series will be Emmit Builds A Blog, and you’ll get to follow along as I track down bugs, add some polish, write the opening content and tie up the loose ends.

So drop on by, say hello, grab a ringside seat and a bag of popcorn; Emmit will be up to his usual shenanigans very soon!

Love and Circus Balloons,
Tori Deaux & Emmit

P.S.  Yes,  the main focus will still be here on The Circus.  Yes, Emmit will still drop by here from time to time.  But Mr.Clownnose was threatening to take things over around here, and we just couldn’t have that!

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How I Dropped the Freelance Ball, and What You Can Learn from It

Mar 17

I’m not very good…

…at toss–the-balls-up-in-the-air-and-catch-them juggling.

Ok, I’m worse than “not very good”;   I can’t do it.

Before you can-do-ologists jump in with encouragement, sure, I know that with enough practice I’d  develop the hand-eye coordination, focus, and discipline required for basic juggling.  But I’m talking about my “right-now skills”, the marketable ones. Theoretically, I could learn to juggle, but practically, you do not want to hire me to entertain at your next party by juggling GeeMa’s china.

It’s ok.   I suck at actual juggling.  You can say it.

I’m rather bad at metaphorical juggling, too. You know, the kind that has to do with balancing various life tasks, skills and projects? The kind of juggling that is *crucial* for a successful freelancer?

Yeah.  I suck at that, too.

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It’s A Right-Brained Interview, with Jennifer Lee!

Mar 07

Note! If you somehow missed my Show & Tell spotlight on the Right-Brainers in Business Summit* you can still check out Emmit’s flashing circus lights for free until 9pm eastern, tomorrow night!

It's A Flourish!

So, by now you’ve heard…

About Jennifer Lee’s The Right-Brain Business Plan, right?   I’ve certainly rambled on about it enough lately,  so if you *don’t* know, you probably stumbled in here from a search engine, looking for discount tickets to Cirque du Soleil or something. (You wont find those here, just for the record, but you’re welcome to stick around for the popcorn and sage-advice for quirkipreneurs)

Anyway, Jenn (that’s her lovely face up there) offered me the chance to interview her for the Circus.  I jumped at it, and this is the result.  Tada!

Tori: I’ve been talking with my audience, and while they’re really clear on the “Right-Brain” part, some of them still aren’t sure about what a business plan actually *is* — can you give a quickie explanation?

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