I’ve No Idea What To Title This Post. But It’s About Naomi. And It Feels Important.

Aug 31

I love Naomi Dunford.

Why?  Well, she’s one heck of a prototypical Quirkipreneur.  She does business and blogging *her* way, by gawd, and no one is gonna stop her or tell her it’s against the rules.

She’s what my Grandmother would call (in a hushed voice) a “mouthy broad”.

She cusses up a storm on her blog.  She wears tight t-shirts on video, then cusses even more.  She is utterly transparent in the areas of her life she chooses to reveal and the rest of it is none of your gawd-damn business, thank you very much.

Whether you care for her shtick or not? The way she carries herself as herself, with no holds barred and no apology has given a lot of women in business on the web (and off, I imagine) permission to be ourselves… able to follow or break the rules as *we* choose, not as is dictated to us by any established standard.

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