Emmit Takes On Business Models: The Intro + 5 Questions (Part 1)

Jan 19

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Twice last week,Emmit and I scheduled Twitter chats for discussing business models.  Twice last week, Twitter totally fell down on the job! It was a major Tweet-chat fail. So I’m taking the planned chat content, expanding it a bit, and plonking it down here. There’s more than one way to skin a clown, dang nabbit!

The Topic? Business Models.

Ok, first things first… Emmit is a business plan, not a business model.

What’s the difference?

A business plan is like a road-map and itinerary;  it shows you where you’re going, when you plan to get there, a bit of the surrounding terrain, and gives you milestones by which you can track your progress.

A business model is more akin to the vehicle that carries you on that road-trip – or at least, a blueprint for the vehicle.

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Don’t Miss The Boat! Belated Networking Lessons, Courtesy of ProBlogger

Jan 13

The Boat I Missed A while back…

I had a good long whine about missed opportunity, and my failure at bloggy networking  1.0.

As I said then, I was a fairly early reader of some now hugely successful figures in the blog world – specifically, Darren Rowse and Brian Clark.  But I was shy, and intimidated, so I didn’t get to know them.

I read them, recommended them, but rarely interacted, networked with them or took advantage of their audience building promotions, because “it wasn’t my niche.”

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Dear Santa… (A Letter From The Circus)

Dec 21

This afternoon, I found I’d been recruited for a bit of dictation…

It's A Flourish!

Dear Santa, I failed penmanship class. Can you help?Dear Santa,

Sorry we’re writing so late in December, but The Ring-Mistress has kept us very busy. She isn’t paying overtime, but we mostly like working for her, so it is mostly ok.

We have been Very Good this year, having grown from noting into something. We even earned a little money, though not as much as The Ring-Mistress spent. If you want to put her on the naughty list, we will understand.

But we have been good!!! The elephants and ponies send their love to Rudolf and the other reindeer, and would love it if they could all join us for an act in the off-season. The elves, of course, have already signed up as side-show attractions this summer.  It will be a big hit.

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What The Heck Is An #Emmit? (and other top Twitter questions)

Dec 07

If you already know about #Emmit, you can skip ahead to the last paragraph. But given the number of times “What is an Emmit??” has come up on Twitter, I decided to save us all some sanity and write a simple explanatory post. So. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

What The Hell Is An #Emmit?

Short  Boring Answer #1: “Emmit” is a Twitter inspired name for my creative business plan, which just happens to have a clown nose, circus lights, popcorn and a (soon to be installed) minibar.

Short Boring Answer #2:  #Emmit is a Twitter hash tag for discussing creative non-scary approaches to business and project planning.

Got it?  Good.
Because I hate being boring.
Next question, please?

It's A Flourish!

Why Emmit?

Erm… Why *not* Emmit?

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Are You A Quirkipreneur? (It’s The Next Big Thing)

Dec 03

It's an elephant! With a swirly head! Whoa.Today, the Monster Counsel is taking a break, and we’re putting the elephants back to work.  Why? We have a new tent that needs putting up.

A sideshow tent.

A special tent.

A *Quirky* tent.

It’s well situated on the carnival grounds, just across from the Sideshow Freaks, next to the  House of Mirrors, and it caters to a very special clientele, indeed.

No no, not the “special” clientele that frequents the  hoochie-coochie show. (What kind of place do you think I’m running here, anyway?).

I mean the REALLY special folks – the ones with dreams, and aspirations, talents, and… well.. quirks.

I call them Quirkipreneurs.

And I think you might just be one.

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The Monster Counsel Report: The Disturbed Spouse Solution

Nov 30

The Cliff-Hanging Counsel House! Yesterday’s post ended on a bit of a cliff-hanger, with everyone huddled together in a Very Important, All Night Monster Counsel [sic](which pretty much seems to mean munching on cookies while wearing meaningful expressions and pointing vaguely at maps.)

The Counsel’s Agenda?

The finding of ways to make Disturbing-The-Spouse or Not-Disturbing-The-Spouse irrelevant to the success and productivity of The Circus. (And Me.) (And my Monsters)

The Counsel was further instructed to be sure that any solutions were pragmatic and self-contained.  In other words?

No plans that require the Spouse to change or otherwise do anything (because that would just Disturb him), nor could the plans require me to engage in any spontaneous spiritual evolution.  I mean, sure, I’m all about evolving, but that’s a life project, and it tends to be a wee bit disruptive on its own.  The focus here is on Things Getting Done, not taking on more stress in hopes of transcending to an angelic state of bliss that’s beyond stress.

First Order of Business?

Anything we know doesn’t work gets sprinkled with powdered sugar and added to the snack table.

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My Map Of Limits: Here Be Monsters

Nov 29

Here Be Monsters! The Map.I’ve thought a lot about limits over the years.

Just lately, I’ve been focused on how limits apply to creative self-employment:  financial, psychological, physical, time and energy and focus limits. Limits to  push and test, limits best kept surrounded by a “no-fly zone”, limits that keep me from being overwhelmed, limits that, themselves, overwhelm me.

I’ve thought about it so much that there’s a map etched into my skull, revealing estimated locations of limits along with potential bypasses, all clearly marked out with a radioactive green sharpie

It’s pretty cool. Looks  a bit like one of those old-fashioned pirate maps, complete with X marks the spot and dire warnings about being eaten by giant squid.

And while I have yet to encounter any actual giant squid in my life, I have spent a lot of time with what folks these days call “Monsters” – personifications of personal defenses and coping mechanisms that I can talk to, bargain with, and sometimes bribe.

Limits and Monsters have a lot to do with each other.

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Feeling Off Kilter? Re-Discover Your Center of Balance

Nov 24

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*Read The Ramblings That Explain This

Obligatory Foreword: A guided audio version of this exercise will be included in the Centering Kit, scheduled for some sort of release on Dec. 15th.Looky! We found it! Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

Meanwhile, here in the States, it’s traditional Turkey Insanity Week, when happy families gather to bitch about Aunt Edna’s biscuits and throw the good china at one another’s heads. And since  china-chucking can  knock people a wee bit off-kilter, I’ve written  up this read-it-yourself version, to help out you find and keep your balance during this trying, turkey-filled time.   So set down that antique serving platter you were winding up to pitch, and get yourself re-centered.

It's A Flourish!
Take a moment to pause…

…to meet yourself right  where you are, and breathe easily while you read through these instructions.  This exercise works best seated in a chair;  you’ll want to scoot forward towards the front edge of the seat, just a bit, so that you can lean backwards a few degrees without hitting the back rest.

Entries in this series:
  1. Finding Center: An Introduction
  2. Feeling Off Kilter? Re-Discover Your Center of Balance
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What We Need Is… A Habit Habitat!

Nov 15

Habits enjoy sunbathing. They told me so.


Yeah.  I planned to edit and illustrate that centering exercise that I promised you. But first thing in the morning, I started playing on Twitter.

Yay, Twitter! Among other amusements, I had a quick and quipy exchange with the mahvelous @CharlieGilkey of Productive Flourishing.

(You know Charlie, right? Ok, good. Because he’s seriously helpful with productivity. And with flourishing.) First, Charlie sent a Tweet about his oldie-but-goodie 10/15 blog post (It’s good. Go read it. I’ll wait for you. Ok, back? Good).

Next, I whined about my lack of accountability habits, and it ended with him mentioning a habit-building aid he’s apparently been secretly creating.

I was still trying to figure out a witty reply to impress him with (yes, I’m a suckup like that) when the term “Habit Habitat” popped into my head.

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Finding Center: An Introduction

Nov 12

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Being centered is kind of big deal around here.

The Circus Center-Ring
I certainly mention it a lot.  And yet, somehow? I haven’t really defined it for Circus readers.  Oops. Let’s just take care of that now, shall we?


When I talk about being centered, it’s not some vague, wishy-washy woo-woo thing. Really, it’s pretty basic.

Being centered means that the awareness of who, what and where, your perception of self, is plonked down smack dab in the middle of your body.

It also means your awareness of your body is plonked smack dab in the middle of the world around you.

Imagine your body as a big ol’ compass.

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