The Fortune Teller’s Tent: Circus Card #2

May 13

Last week …

I challenged myself to post one original tarot-like card a week. So of course, yesterday, the cat shorted out my scanner by spilling a cup of coffee, and I lost my sketchbook for the thousandth time, making this week’s entry a bit more difficult than expected. So this week’s card is extra rough – colored  quickly by hand, photographed with the digital camera.

The show must go on!


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The Center Pole: Circus Card #1

May 05

Yes, I’m back from my fauxcation!

And yes, I dreamed up a gazillion brilliant ideas while sipping fauxgaritas.
And no, I don’t remember most of them.
Dammit, Janet!

But one idea did survive the time-off fog, and I’m still pretty enamored of it. The plan? Develop a deck of cards based around the imagery of The Circus Serene.  Cool metaphors. Wacky explanations. Strange drawings.

So I’m setting up a challenge to myself to post a rough draft of a card each week – with the emphasis on rough. But if all goes well, this will lead to a loverly printed deck in the end.

And the very first card?

Yepp, that’s it up there above, featuring  a circus tent interior and center pole.

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