The Biz Viz Visualization: What’s It All Mean?

Feb 05

Why is the Ph of YouTube so stable? It constantly buffers!

That is one frickin' happy seagull!Quick Backstory:

This Business Visualization stuff? It’s something I learned from Jennifer Lee’s Right Brained Business Plan. The idea is to let go of expectations and let your creative process reveal new layers of what you want from your business, where you want to go, how you want to feel, and so forth.

Over the last few posts, I’ve rambled about feeling disconnected in previous visualizations, and I’ve shared the wacky results of a newly refreshed visualization.  Now, it’s time to look at what, if anything, it all means.  Mind you, not all visualizations need analyzing.  Some mean exactly what they seem to mean, and others just need to exist in their own existential, experiential space, without comment.

To be honest? My recent visualization attempts were likely the “Let them be” type, but I couldn’t resist.  So onward, fellow symbolism analysts and vision dissectors!

Part One:

The Studio Overlook & Community

Here’s the link, if you want a refresher –> LINK <- This part of the image, with my community all camping out in trailers and teepees? It COULD be taken literally, suggesting I have secret desires to run a Quirkipreneur Commune or Bed and Breakfast Retreat. But if that’s my true secret desire, it’s a really well kept secret, because st so far outside my interests and experience I can’t imagine how it would work!  This looks suspiciously like a commune.

With the help of a co-hort, I realized I could set a  realistic goal for a truly amazing work space. I also realized the image suggests I need more distance between me and my customer base, that I don’t want to be work-work-working and busy-busy-busy all the time, and that in general, I need more “space” and breathing room for everything, physically, mentally, spiritually, artistically – with fewer expectations and more open horizons.

But I found myself determinedly fighting the drawing table image, likely for two reasons:  it suggests the metaphor “back to the drawing table” for starting from scratch, and I really, REALLY didn’t want to do that!

More disturbingly, the image suggests the FORM of the starting from scratch is an art career. Which, honestly? I hate the idea of.  It’s something I’ve tried, and hated, and been stressed out over. The whole paint pretty pictures and take commissions and do arts and crafts fairs and join associations and build a name and try and get into a gallery?  I decided a long time ago I wasn’t doing that ever again.

So this bit? It REALLY annoyed me! Not only did I need to go back to the drawing board, but it needed to be a literal drawing board?

No thank you! HRRMPH!

So I tried again.

That’s when the seagulls showed up.

Part Two:
Seagulls By The Seashore

HI've used this image at least four times now, and I love it more each time.ere’s the link to THIS bit of insanity –> LINK <-  Like part one, this vision isn’t  likely to be literal… I’m truly not much of an ocean person, and those seagulls are  really hard to take seriously.

Again, we have wide open spaces and plenty of breathing room: restorative natural symbols in the ocean, sun, and sand. The spirit children? Maybe they’re a reminder not to neglect the spiritual, the invisible, playfulness. Maybe a reminder of the stage of the project.. it’s not in its infancy, no, but it’s not grown up, either.

The spirit balloons, and specifically a red balloon? Releasing passion, pain, childish dreams … maybe hot air? Releasing a prayer, a wish?  It’s hard to know without more context, and there was really no clarifying feeling around this, but I suspect it represents releasing expectations and assumptions that I’ve clung to.

Or maybe as one reader suggested, I’m trapped in a pretentious (but probably award-winning) art film.  That seems as likely as any other option at this point, frankly.

But in my own personal symbolism, the deep of the ocean usually calls to mind creative, emotional depths and the subconscious. And the seashore represents the meeting of the worlds… in this case, it’s where the subconscious (the sea) meets the conscious (the land). When you add in the sky/horizon? That’s the future, and more abstractly, so-called “Higher” missions.

And The Absurd Seagulls?

Those darn, vexing sky-rats with their clever message – “Seagulls sell seashells by the seashore… in Atlanta!”

Hrrmph. Smart ass spirit birds!

So, the seagulls sell seashells.

I suppose that makes SOME sense, from the supply side. Seagulls are scavengers.  Maybe the shells are leftovers from their little gull meals, and even if not? Shells are abundant and easy to scavenge from the gull’s natural environment – the seashore.

Ok, that interpretation works. It’s not even bad advice:  there are real advantages to selling something native and abundant in your natural environment.

Ocean waves. Yepp. That's all there is to this image.Selling them by the seashore? That works too. Yes, seashells are abundant and free there if you just go pick them up, and natives rarely fork over money for shells, but tourists and visitors will seek them out – so there is a market.

But the seashore in Atlanta? There’s no seashore in Atlanta… there’s not even a decent sized lake!  I know, I looked it up on Google Maps… several times!

What, Are The Gulls Taking
The Seashore TO Atlanta?

I think that’s exactly what they’re doing, at least in a sense. If I were advising the gulls on how to open a seashell shop in Atlanta, I might suggest they really play on the seashore theme in designing their shop and marketing, so that the value they’re selling is the whole experience of the seashore – and the shell is a  a souvenir, a tourist’s trinket, a reminder.

It could work!

Going back to my personal symbolism of the seashore, the one where worlds meet, and hidden creative depths surface into And what about Bison? Or maybe a Wooly Mammoth or two?consciousness?  Maybe that experience can be moved, recreated and reconstructed in places it doesn’t ordinarily exist.

Like Atlanta.

And Buffalo.

And all those other cities that were on the back of the note.

I can imagine it like a street vendor’s cart, or maybe a pop-up parking lot tent, like they use to sell Christmas trees and fake Oriental rugs. The gulls could have a wading pool, a sandbox, sun lamps…

A traveling seashore, built to sell seashells.


So, Where Does This Leave Us?

What Does It All REALLY Mean?

Setting aside the literal suggestions of opening an Art Studio/Bed and Breakfast or Seashell Shop, we’ve got open horizons, fresh starts, back to the drawing board. Space to be. Letting go. Insulation. Connection. Scavengers. A meeting of worlds.  A moving of worlds.  Portability.

But here’s the real magic of this sort of visualization:

Since these images came to me, they’ve been a constant tickle in the back of my brain, slow, almost imperceptible adjustments.

And things started changing.

My attitude, expectations, and ideas started changing.

No, I didn’t suddenly want to run a B&B.  But I realized that a core message of that image was the insulation and separation I had from my audience, and that it was a good thing.

And the bit about not wanting to start over, or be a professional fine artist, because I don’t like what’s required on the path?

Yepp. Those feelings are still totally there.  But I slowly, I stared seeing ways for the artwork to be the focal point, but without having to do all the traditional art marketing things I don’t want to do.  I started stumbling across new business models, new methods, new vendors.

And the seagulls? Well, yes, now that I think about it… I’ve always bridged worlds and created environments, spaces and head-spaces for others, building experiences, rather than just products.

You could even say that my main struggle to date has been was trying to shove the experience into the product…. rather than just building the experience, and letting the product just be a token, a souvenir, a trinket and touchstone.

Which Brings Us To

Why I Shared This …

Other than my overblown and self-obsessed belief that you’d find it interesting, and that I’m convinced you’ll find it useful as you consider your own visualizations? It will lead nicely into where this site and Quirkipreners are headed, in the future.

Quirkipreneurs will be a new environment and a new experience, with artwork front and center.

As for the Circus? I’ll stop with the attempts to shoe-horn this into a small business advice blog, and let it be what it was originally meant to be… a personal, rambling glimpse into the processes that make my life a Circus Serene.
Just another frickin' happy seagull. Man, that's the life!

(but not batteries)

It's Another Flourish!

Comment Bonus Points: Share a personal experience about a seagull. Or Johnny Cash.  Or Buffalo. But please don’t congratulate me on the future direction of all this… we ain’t there yet, and the future is easily frightened.

Also, there are probably typos in this post. Not because I don’t know better, or am lazy, but because I seem to be editing disabled.  I’m sure it’ll be a pet celebrity cause someday. So have some empathy, you grammer Nazis! (see what I did there?)


  1. 1. The only seagulls I particularly like are the ‘Mine’ ones from Finding Nemo.
    B. We used Johnny Cash’s version of Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes for the unity ceremony (a wine blending) at our wedding.
    III. I created a rather awesome recipe for buffalo wing crackers, they’re like spicy cheese nips (but with crumbled blue cheese in them, not the day-glow orange powdery stuff).

    I’m so excited to see what you come up with next!

  2. Tori, I love how you were able to make some sense out of your visualizations.

    I’m still working on mine. On the last one I say a lighthouse. I got the feeling that being a lighthouse keeper would be wonderful. I don’t want to do all that fine artist stuff either, but I really want to keep making things. I think there is going to be another shift in my biz.

    I look forward to seeing where this all takes you.

  3. A seagull just pooped on my shoulder. Thanks, Tori. 🙂

  4. Tori Deaux /

    @Delisa Maybe the lighthouse image will keep working on a subconscious level for you, like this one did for me?

    @Christy You’re welcome!

    @Scraps! Mega-seagull points for you!