The Beachify-Your-Biz-Kit: Everything You Need But The Booze!

Jul 17

Part of the Bring Your Business To The Beach project

Take The Beach To Your Business

So, you love the idea of taking your business to the beach this summer, but you’re landlocked, tied to your desk and you’re worried your budget won’t cover more than a few grains of sand? No worries, we’ve got you covered with a flip-flop….   instead of taking your business to the beach, we’re gonna bring the beach to your business!

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Please note that this is a beta version, because I over-achieved and ran out of time. But that means there’s even MORE coming soon. What kind of more? I’m glad you asked!

Coming Soon:

The ROI of Biz Beachification.
A Full Sensory Seashore.
And  if we’re really lucky?
We’ll  get to go Surfin’ With Swobbles!

Sadly,  there are no plans to include booze in future versions.
The Circus Serene lost our liquor license after last year’s
drunken elephant incident.

Beach Umbrellas

A Few Words To Potential Skeptics:

Yes, I know.  This seems like a silly, time-waster of an idea to you.  It’s ok, I’m used to that reaction. But there is a method to my madness, beyond just having a little creative fun.

I’m sure you know the benefits of being at the *actual* beach – the wide open horizon, the rhythm of the waves, the fresh scent of the ocean or lake, the warmth of the sun? Combined, the effect is both calming and invigorating.  There are all kinds of science-y explanations for why (we can get into that later) but for now, you’ll just have to trust me that the positive imageeffects of the beach on mood are real and measurable.

What’s that got to do with your work and business? Well, the better your mood, the more productive you’ll be. The better your mood, the more creative you can be. The better your mood, the more positively your customers and clients will respond to you.

And here’s the extra cool part… some of those science-y mood-altering beach effects? They can be recreated right in your office! Totally awesome-possum, isn’t it? Today, though, imagewe’re just going to have a little fun by bringing a bit of beachy-brain association into your workspace with some absurd cut out props.

Why? It’s playful. It’s silly.  It’s fun.  It’s creative. It’s setting aside the ideas of what a proper office should be like.  It’s participating in a creative small-business community.  And it’s involving your senses in a way that triggers memories and responses to your previous actual beach experiences… creating that happier, invigorated, and relaxed state of mind.


Ready to get started? Yay!


The Quirkipreneur’s
Biz Beachification Kit,
Beta Version 0.5
(The Paper Props)


If you think THIS was fun, wait till  you see the rest of the
Bring Your Business To The Beach project offerings!

P.S. Leave a link to a photo of the Beachification kit in use,
and we’ll  create a user’s a gallery of awesome.

P.P.S. This kit goes great with @NicoleAFende’s desktop sandbox
and elements of the 64Arts Activity Book from @ScrapsofLife


  1. I love your artwork for this. You spent a lot of time putting this together. I set up the fan to blow in my face and I spritz myself with water now and then. But I’m getting sand in uncomfortable places.

    • Tori Deaux /

      Glad you like it! I spent less time than you may think, thanks to discovering the rapid-fire medium of Sharpies! The props were actually done for a video that’s in the works, so I just arranged them on a scanner, hit the button, and plonked it into a document – So Yay! for a workflow that worked.

      Sorry about the sand, but glad it wasnt the sharks!