Weekend Ketchup! (Cuz Everything’s better With Condiments)

Jul 10

Totem Pole from British ColumbiaOk, yes, I’ve been pretty much AWOL for the past…

…erm..  it’s been a whole month.  I’ve been busy with a project that I was *sure* would be ready to go “any day now”, so I kept putting off posting until it was ready.  Now? It’s actually, really almost ready! Yay! Seriously ready! YAY!

Curious about what it is? The image over on the right will give you a hint. But meanwhile, a lot of stuff happened, stuff I didn’t tell you about because I was busy being “almost ready”.   So I’m taking the opportunity to Ketchup.  I’d love it if this wound up my version of Havi’s Chickens (a weekly public check-in she and her readers do) but I’m flakier than Havi, so we’ll have to wait and see if I repeat it.

Meanwhile, here’s the ketchup from the last month or so! (Don’t worry, it’s not past the ‘best by’ date)

It's Another Flourish!


The Time Warp: I’m really, really lousy at estimating how long individual tasks will take to complete. That means I’m extra lousy at estimating how long a project-of-many-tasks will take to complete.  And THAT means that my typical “put off other tasks/duties until I finish this because it’ll be done tomorrow if I apply myself” approach really doesn’t work and a lot of things go undone. I’m not sure, yet, how to change that approach. But I’ll work on it.

I Miss Being A “Blogger”: Somehow, I got it into my head that the thing to do was to focus on creating products, rather than blogging.  And, frankly? That sucks. Because I like blogging. So I’m redefining myself: I’m a blogger, dammit… Even if it’s not as cool as being an artist/writer/entrepreneur, I am a blogger! (hear me roar. or something.)

I Treat Everything Like An Art Project: I approach everything I do with this odd sense of “arranging” it for the overall effect.  If I can’t do that? I have no interest. I’ve had this realization before, but somehow, I haven’t integrated it yet, and I keep forgetting – which probably contributes a lot to the Time Warp mentioned above.  Writing a sales page takes a LOT longer when you’re treating it like a piece of performance art.  (Actually? Performance art would be quicker.)
It's Another Flourish!

The OMG-That-So-Sucked Department

I somehow completely missed a jury duty summons. A JURY DUTY SUMMONS! I missed it.  And got a lovely postcard in the mail calling me out for it and threatening me with incarceration if I don’t get in touch with the court. OMG. Like, serious anxiety central.

Also, there’s the whole feeling overwhelmed by life and wanting to crawl in a hole but it’s too hot outside to dig one!  Did I mention many days of well over 100 degrees? We’ve had ‘em, and at least another week of them is on the schedule.  Thank Gawd for working AC units!

Circus Dog snuck out and ran off to the park in said 100 degree heat, TWICE! Causing much panic & panting on our part, and much glee and racing on her part.  Who knew a Pomeranian loved to run that much? I see some trips to the dog park in the future.
It's Another Flourish!

The Department of Yay!

I am really, really pleased with my progress on the new project. Like awesomely pleased.

As scary as it was to have the Pom Pup racing around the park off leash (and racing across the streets, repeatedly, too!), it was fun to see her have such a blast doing it. She wasn’t running away, she was just running for the sheer joy of it.  And her eyes were uber bright for days!

I made the world’s most awesome green smoothie! Frozen banana, strawberries, blackberries and yogurt, non frozen almond milk & baby spinach. OMG. That was GOOD!  But next time, I won’t freeze the yogurt in one big lump with the banana.

It's Another Flourish!

What I Want For Next Week:

  • Reasonable anxiety levels.
  • Re-establishing a treadmilling pattern.
  • Re-establishing a meditation habit.
  • At least two blog posts (other than this one!)
  • Launch, Baby! Launch!

It's Another Flourish!

Other Stuff You Should Know About:

You know Nicole Fende, right? Of Biz Finance Forum? She’s not only a financial whiz, she’s got a way of approaching the subject that helps non-financial whiz people (like most of us) more comfortable dealing with the money stuff.

Tomorrow night, at she’s doing a free webinar, Unlock Your Profits. I’m really looking forward to it, because she’s a huge fan of Emmit, and has really worked at incorporating that same sense of reassuring, creative fun into her finance courses and consults.(and yes, that’s an affiliate link, because she is also about to release some promising paid stuff, too)

Unlock Your Profits. Free.  Monday. July 11th at 8pm EST.

Speaking of Emmit! My wacky business plan’s Godmother, Jennifer Lee, is launching a home study course for Right Brain Business Planning.  So if the book seems a little overwhelming on your own, and you need some accountability and support, but you need a more flexible (and less expensive!) option than the full ecourse?  This should be just about perfect.

I really cannot stress enough how much of a difference the RBBP process has made for me in shifting my online business gears. So I’ll be jumping into the home study course, tidying up my own plans again, with Emmits help, of course! (and yes, this is an affiliate link, too. ‘Cuz Emmit and & are in Jenn’s book, and in the Video Summit, too – so it would just be silly not to partner, right?)

Right Brain Business Plan: Home Study Course. Because it rocks. And because I’ll be there!

It's Another Flourish!

I’ve got no idea how to close this bottle of ketchup.

So, if you have anything you’d like to ketchup on sharing, feel free.  Only request is that this isn’t a helping-or-playing-coach space, just a sharing ketchup space. You could share mustard too, if you’re so inclined. Or Ranch.  Horseradish, if you’re feeling spicy!

But do leave a comment, and let me know you’re still out there!


  1. Mmmm… homemade ketchup… And spiced potato wedges… mmmmm….

    Wait, what was I doing, oh, yes: Really looking forward to the totem pole/obelisk, thing you’ve got coming out. Curiouser and curiouser.

    Personally, I’ve given up on deadlines, since I don’t actually attempt to meet them or anything. What’s working for me now: A version of Havi’s Hello Day journal and dating an INFJ, he’s just so good at following a schedule. I can see how much he gets done and I wanna get stuff done too. Then I remind him how important play is, so it’s a lovely balance. I digress, some…

    Oof, I’ve been circling a big project, emotionally big, anyway, for several months now. At least since two Customer Loves ago. Oof. The getting closer, it feels good and seeing you release yours, so helpful.

    *hugs and awesomeness*

    • Tori Deaux /

      I had somehow missed the Hello Day exercises on Havi’s site… looks promising. I’m just so bad at keeping up with things like that if I’m not doing it with someone!

      I’m eager to see what you’re up to with your big project, Kathryn – the funny thing about mine is that it was supposed to be *small*. It was simple in my head, not so simple in reality, though.

      And now I’m craving potato wedges and homemade ketchup!

  2. Ketchup? Be careful with that! Around here if you go for a picnic or camping in the mountains, you open the ketchup and it explodes from the pressure change. Then it starts erupting like a volcano that you can’t stop. Once it starts, there’s no way to put a plug in it…so, like I said, be careful with the ketchup. You might start something that you don’t know how to stop! But, in your case, that might not be a bad thing. Just ask Emmit!

    (You should know to expect “random” from me by now!) Welcome back, Ms. Blogger!

    And, for the record, I’ve always preferred ketchup to catsup. The latter sounds like dinner for a cat.

  3. Maureen /

    Well my daughter got married and anything remotely close to a tomato got thrown out with the baby in the bathwater. Then out of the blue someone asked me if I’d to get paid for doing what I love.

    • Tori Deaux /

      weddings, tomatoes and bathwater karma… I’ve no idea how to respond to that, but it’s intriguing! *hugs* to ya, Maureen!

  4. Maureen /

    By the way…I miss reading your blog posts

  5. Did you know that ketchup was not always made from tomatoes? The condiment can be made out of just about anything (I believe I saw a Mushroom Ketchup recipe in a Civil War cookbook).

    But that’s neither here nor there!

    I’m in the same boat when it comes to estimating how long a project–especially ones with multiple steps–will take. Classic example is the cookbook that I’ve been working on for a year and a half that I thought I could get done in 3 months. Thankfully I’m not usually THAT far off, but it happens. Working on it.

    Like Kathryn, I’ve had to accept that sometimes deadlines are just fluid and not the point. Working away at it is the point and eventually we get there. That plus the 5 things a day to-do list I make (and schedule work on big projects at least once a week, usually more) keeps me from forgetting too much, too often.

    Welcome back to blogging 😉

    • Tori Deaux /

      Mushroom ketchup. How interesting. *stare*

      One thing I’ve found works is to set a vague sort of project end date WAY off in the future…. six months to a year. Then ignore it. I’ll forget about it completely, until the project is done, and amazingly? It almost always lines up with that date.

      But it doesn’t work if I keep the date in front of me!

      • Woo, I’ll try that! The flexible, bendy time thing has applied doubly so the last few weeks of working rather strange hours on someone else’s stuff (and not so interesting stuff at that).
        But although very little put out there in the world, a LOT can happen in the background, all to burst out as one amazing thing when the time is right. Looking forward to yours… and mine!
        Meg x

  6. I’m with @whizmo I miss reading your posts. Of course leave it to @scrapsoflife to know the real origins of ketchup. Personally I like Mustard. Here’s a fun fact, there is a National Mustard Museum located in Middleton, WI. See people from Wisconsin care about more than cheese, well and beer…

    Where was I?

    Thanks for the shout out about the video. If I may gratuitously promote us both – there is a great contest for an upgrade on my blog post “Take Your Profits Multi-Platinum”.