When it’s Been Too Long Since Your Last Post…

Apr 13

And you just can’t seem to get past the blogging doldrums because you really, REALLY want to save your writing and illustrating energy for your Upcoming Project?  The project you’re actually getting somewhere on, and have a hope of releasing sometime this decade? Yes, THAT one! The AWESOME project that you can nearly see the end of?

What do you do?

Do you chain your fingers to the keyboard and force yourself to write something your heart isn’t in, because you imagine your readers expect it?  Do you start writing, hoping that you’ll magically get past that writer’s block, or that no one will notice that you just churned out the most wrecktastic text in the history of writing?

Or do you Photoshop an image of yourself onto a beach scene* and pretend you’re on vacation, so you can go and scribble away on that Upcoming Project in peace?

Lookit Me! I'm on pretend vacation!

And if you opt for the Photoshop Vacation, do you back up your story with occasional Tweets like “Wow, that cabana boy is a real hunk” and fake-foursquare checkins, ala “ToriDeaux is now mayor of a really awesome stretch of beach. And she might be topless. But probably not.”

Ok, so that last one wouldn’t fit in Twitter’s 140 characters, but you get the idea.

I’m off to imaginary sunny beaches!

Yes, I’m declaring myself on vacation. Two and a half weeks worth of no online obligations.  This will, hopefully, give me the mental freedom to get another big chunk of the Upcoming Project done, and clean at least part of this house before the health department shuts it down. (It’s a bit scary around here lately)

I won’t swear NOT to post something, of course, and who knows, I might feel inspired. Because the problem isn’t actual *time*, but mental space. My vacation is just a little mind trick to ease the pressure of imagined obligations.

So, I’ll see you in May!  And on Twitter, of course. Because Twitter TOTALLY works on the beach. And I’ll need it to send you Photoshopped vacation photos.

*Actually, I use PaintShopPro. Beach & Drink photo courtesy of PDPhoto.org. Photo of me, courtesy of Me. See, I don’t forget the little people. And they do look very little in that background photo, don’t they? Like little surf drenched ants or something…

Comment Fodder:

Where are YOU going on your pretend vacation?
Have any imaginary travel tips to share?
And yes, this is totally on topic – all part of making the
Circus of Life a wee bit more serene.


  1. Maureen /

    I am speaking up. I was being held captive in a Glass Tower. Does that sound like a vacation? Well it would’ve been if the guard who was bringing my meals was a hunk. Hey wait! He was! And the tower was actually gorgeous and I got to read these three books which were total fantasy, by Amanda Hocking. I had chocolate chip cookies to eat and cocoa, a roaring fire and this beautiful four postered bed…
    Yup it was a vacation.

  2. O hahahahah! I laughed so hard at your vaca photo. And I specially needed to hear this as I have been feeling woefully behind on my blog. Merci bien, my dear!

    Keep seeing Emmits everywhere, and think of you fondly.

  3. Found myself reading this instead of blogging, just after reading a tweet that said ‘the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time!’ Yes, the blog is going more slowly right now, but as all sorts of other ymmy things are going on, I shall also grant myself a blog-cation until I’m ready! Thanks Tori x