Emmit Gets A Blog!

Apr 01

Up, Up and Away!It’s April 1st…

… and true to form, Emmit is out and about making a fool of himself! His new website, EmmitBuildsABusiness is now live, if somewhat.. unfinished. (Yeah.  Remember that issue with me and deadlines? Still not good with juggling them.)

But since “the show must go on!” I’ve turned the incompleteness into a feature! That’s right, our very first blog post series will be Emmit Builds A Blog, and you’ll get to follow along as I track down bugs, add some polish, write the opening content and tie up the loose ends.

So drop on by, say hello, grab a ringside seat and a bag of popcorn; Emmit will be up to his usual shenanigans very soon!

Love and Circus Balloons,
Tori Deaux & Emmit


P.S.  Yes,  the main focus will still be here on The Circus.  Yes, Emmit will still drop by here from time to time.  But Mr.Clownnose was threatening to take things over around here, and we just couldn’t have that!


  1. Incompleteness as a feature – LOVE IT!

  2. Now that’s marketing! Just signed up for Emmit’s blog feed. BTW what do you feed a blog feed?