Dear Santa… (A Letter From The Circus)

Dec 21

This afternoon, I found I’d been recruited for a bit of dictation…

It's A Flourish!

Dear Santa, I failed penmanship class. Can you help?Dear Santa,

Sorry we’re writing so late in December, but The Ring-Mistress has kept us very busy. She isn’t paying overtime, but we mostly like working for her, so it is mostly ok.

We have been Very Good this year, having grown from noting into something. We even earned a little money, though not as much as The Ring-Mistress spent. If you want to put her on the naughty list, we will understand.

But we have been good!!! The elephants and ponies send their love to Rudolf and the other reindeer, and would love it if they could all join us for an act in the off-season. The elves, of course, have already signed up as side-show attractions this summer.  It will be a big hit.

We’re enclosing some popcorn & cotton candy. There were supposed to be peanuts, too, but the monkeys stole them. Maybe they should be on the naughty list too?

The monkeys.

Not the peanuts.


Those of us on the good list would like it very much if you could bring a new tent for the Big Shiny New Attraction that The Ring-Mistress wants to build.  We don’t think she has enough canvas, and we really want it to be a success so she will stop looking so worried and can pay us over-time again.

For ourselves, we only want the glow of the spotlight and the applause of a happy audience.

Well, maybe some new sequins.  And feathers.  And rhinestones. And a few hundred yards of satin.

We hope you have a GREAT Christmas.
Don’t work too hard!

Circus Serene

It's another flourish!

P.S. If your blogs or businesses haven’t yet written their letters to Santa, they are welcome to do so in the comment section below. I’ll print them all up and have the elephants deliver them to the North Pole, thus saving considerable postage. The elephants work for peanuts, you know.


  1. RIchard /

    Ho ho ho!

  2. I LOVE this. I laughed out loud at “The monkeys. Not the peanuts.”

    You have indeed been Very Good this year! WOOOOOOO

  3. YaY letters to Santa! I think Beatrice’s letter might be more appropriately addressed to the King of Mardi Gras. What do you think?

    • Tori Deaux /

      brilliant, beaded idea, Taryn 🙂

      • Except that I just realized Beatrice will probably have to flash him to get any advice…. Oh well! What’s Mardi Gras without a few biz plan boobs?

  4. I want the glow of the spotlight and happy audiences too! And sequins and feathers! We’re on the same list. Hope it’s not the naughty one.

    Monkeys are always getting me in trouble.

    Happy holidays, Circus Serene and may all your circus tent wishes come true!

  5. Hee! You’ve inspired me. The other day I remembered that I used to get Christmas bonuses when I was an employee for Big Software Company. I wonder what a Christmas bonus from myself would look like?

  6. Karagush /

    dear santa, I would also like some canvas, could you please send some of the leftover from the Circus serene order to my place? I will try very very hard to be GOOD and will make all the ponies be good here, though i am not sure how much good trying will do with all the cats. Maybe some catnip for their stockings cold induce them?

    But about that canvas…

    we desperately need a new Yurt, some lamilar armour, a pointy helmet, and a Yak. I think we have all the warhorses we can handle at the moment, and i fear only one isnt on the naughty list…

    Seriously, the monster has been working overtime and would like a new wig, some clanky silver jewelry and perhaps a toe-ring. She is obviously on the good list unless shes been up to things i dont know about (which is usual, tho often she spills the beans on herself.)

    Other than that, I think a good word for the hard work Toris monsters have done for her and the audience here at the Circus serene is in order and anything they like (within reason) should be considered…My guess is a whole lot of marshmallows and sardines, and perhaps some black licorice candy?

  7. Happy Christmas Circus Serene. thanks for entertainment, inspiration and fun! Buying up my tickets for the new year.
    Meg x

  8. Maureen /

    Dear Santa
    I want clown make up cuz I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up. I thought being the woman who gets shot out of the cannon, uhm the lady who gets elephants to stand on tiny boxes or a trapeze artist. But I’m seriously leaning towards a lion tamer. Yes e more I think of it the more I like that.
    So I would like two lions and a sleek black leather costume with gold trim.
    Then during intermission I can change into a clown and be silly
    Love Whizmo

  9. Tori Deaux /



    Taryn has to win quote of the day for “What’s Mardi Gras without a few biz plan boobs?” It made me snort milk out my nose. Which isn’t pretty but there it is.

    Kara, I adore you. And your Monster. And your Christmas Yak.

    Maureen, RAWR!!! A Lion Taming Clown Costume! Awesome.

    Alison, I love the idea of a Christmas bonus to ourselves. I debated actual presents for the business, but I putting it in the form of a bonus is genius.

    Marie and Richard and Simone… mwah! A Merry Circus to all, and to all a good night! Wait, it’s morning. Erm. Well have a great day then 🙂

  10. Ok, at Tori’s suggestion… here’s my Letter to Santa:

    Dear Santa,

    I seem to have lost my sass, and would like some new sass as soon as possible. I’m not sure when it happened, nor how it happened… but damn it all, it happened.

    I know that my old sass wasn’t fitting as well as it had at one point (waaaaay back when), so I’d not like that sass back. I would, however, be deeply grateful if you’d provide some new sass that fits me like a glove.

    I’m officially ready to start really rocking it (the sass, of course) but find that it’s more like I’m just floating along & rolling with the punches at the moment. It’s not a lot of fun. I want more fun (oh, a rather large side of fun with my sass would be really fabulous!).

    I know this is a late request, but if I could wake and find the fun (and the sass!) in my stocking (Tori says she thinks it should fit!) Saturday morning I promise to do my damdest to really rock it out and make me worthy of the gift.

    Thanks in advance,


  11. I so totally love this. Bless you and your sense of humor for making me smile and laugh!