The Circus, In Three Rings Or Less

Sep 14

Little Miss Grumpy Nose (not my child. but adorable)So. Here We Are. Live.

There’s been tons of planning. A wee bit of hoopla, a parade  is in progress…  a few hopeful circus goers have gathered, to see what’s going to happen next.

And me, your fearless ringmaster?  Yeah.  I’m totally overwhelmed with performance anxiety. Totally not in the plans, but at least it  proves that the ‘serene, centered success’ thing? It’s an ideal I aspire to, not a fait accompli pedestal that I peer down upon you from.  We’re all in this insecure chaos together, baby

With the performance anxiety in mind, I’m going to skip the planned posts i’m supposed to be finishing up today, and instead, ramble about “serene, centered success” a bit. 

Not only does the phrase make for a snazzy tag line in the sidebar; it defines the three rings of Circus Serene – those core arenas around which we’ll organize things around here.  As those things get written, and different acts take their turns in the spotlight, the ideas behind the Circus should slowly start to come clear… But for now?

Initiate rambling!  In three rings!


In The Left-Most-Ring, Serenity!

Serene: calm, not agitated, without losing self-possession.  Free of anxiety and mental stress. Unruffled. Accepting. Not buffeted about by winds and waves and whims, ringing phones, unpaid bills, needy children, spouses or dogs.

I can’t help but picture Serenity as one of those lovely, sparkly aerialists, gracefully floating above the crowd on gossamer ribbons of.. um.. well, you get the point.  Those aerialists, they’re masters of being-in-the-flow, staying calm when things go wrong. Not only do they (mostly) survive their mishaps, they recover their dignity with grace and make it look like part of the show.

So what goes here, in terms of this blog? Posts that touch on my bad pseudo-Buddhist approach to unconditional acceptance, information on meditation, tools and methods that are calming, how to recover when things go wrong – things that help you find and maintain a useful sort of serenity.

The Center Ring is… Centered!

Oh, I’m *so* tempted to blather on about the spiritual concept of Axis Mundi and selling your soul at the crossroads, but I’ll save that for later.

Being centered means being in balance, being stable, being in the now. It means being rooted in your relationship to the world around you, your relationship to your body, to your thoughts. Breathing in the present, not lost in the past or future, fantasy or fear.  Here. Now. Centered.

What will you find in this Ring of Circus Serene?  We’ll  look at identity and purpose, work on that whole “in the now” thing with visualizations and exercises and other stuff I haven’t dreamed up yet, including ways to find our place in the world, improve our relationships (including relationships to  our business, creativity, and parts of ourselves) so they help keep us centered (rather than pulling us out of center, and a whole lot of other things I haven’t dreamed up yet.

So many circus acts fit in here – the jugglers, the trick bears walking on balls, the tightrope walkers, even the clowns on unicycles.  Because if you don’t know where your center is, you’ll forever be out of balance.

And On The Right, We Haz Success!

Success. Accomplishing your intent. Meeting a goal, objective, aspiration, target, hope, wish, dream. Achieving something, achieving anything, in fact, that isn’t nothing. (unless, of course, nothing is your goal).

Success is selling 500,000 copies of your book, success is writing 500 words,writing one sentence, or pointedly not writing at all. Objective only in relation to a defined goal, the specific measure of success is personal, even though we like to pretend it’s universal.  The clown succeeds when he makes you laugh, the circus barker, when he sells you a ticket, the trained poodle, when she earns a pet and a treat from her handler.

But if you’re here, you’re probably thinking of success in terms of your creative projects, entrepreneurial business, subscriber numbers and income.   So in this ring, we’ll work on the actual doing of our creative entrepreneurial Things. There will be discussions of productivity tools,  reviews of other peoples systems, hints and tips about how to get your stuff out there without selling your soul.

So, That’s The Three Rings Of The Circus.

Mind you, I didn’t know they *were* the three rings of the Circus until I drafted this post, but it’s really workin’ for me now.  And I hope it’ll work for you.  Because  while a few blessed souls in this world thrive in chaos and struggle, for most of us? It’s just easier to succeed when we’re centered and serene.

Comments. Yeah. I know there’s probably not a lot to reply to in this meta-rambling post, but I’d love to hear from you anyway.  Whether or not I’m making sense.  Stuff like you’d like to see addressed, questions about whether or not you belong here, whatever. Really. It’s ok. Whatever you say, I won’t let the clowns pick on you. Promise.


  1. I think it’s really cool you actually have the rings as compartments and I love the perfectness of the number 3 so I’m all over that. Looking forward to seeing each act… and popcorn.

    And I totally missed the clown shoes in the footer until just now–those are adorable!

  2. Tori Deaux /

    I adore the number 3, too… there’s such symmetry and balance and wholeness in it. And.. Oh.. OH! I followed your commentluv link…. instructions for a pennant garland?? Love. Must make circus pennant now!

    BTW, did you click on the shoes? They take you places.

  3. Karagush /

    Indeed they do. I believe we left a trail of horsehair, seqins, and cats!