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It’s A Creative, Quirky Community Thing!

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Shiny! Magnus The MagpieMore Awesome People & Totems, Coming Soon!

Fire Flight

This Is A Grassy Knoll.


It’s A Creative, Quirky Community Thing!

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This is a work in progress… More coming soon!

Foxy Foxy!

Totem Post #5

This Is A Grassy Knoll.


It’s A Creative, Quirky Community Thing!

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This is a work in progress… More coming soon!

More Awesome People & Totems, Coming Soon! Totem Post #4

This Is A Grassy Knoll.


It’s A Creative, Quirky Community Thing!

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This is a work in progress… More coming soon!

Skittles: The Bird of Paradise & WonderBandit Zen Coon

The Flying Barrel of Monkey

Totem Post #3

This Is A Grassy Knoll.

It’s A Creative, Quirky Community Thing!

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This is a work in progress… More coming soon!

The Dragonfly Effect

Cash Cow!Spinner The Spider Monkey, Out On A Limb!The Fashion FeefsterTotem Post #2This Is A Grassy Knoll.

It’s A Creative, Quirky Community Thing!

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This is a work in progress…More coming soon!


(the not-so-simple wren)

Once upon a time, in an Old Folktale, there was a great gathering of the Feathered Kingdom to appoint a new leader. Since flying was their greatest accomplishment, it was decided that whichever bird could fly the highest would become The King of Winged Things. Eagle, of course, was a near certain winner, so he took off lazily, flying in circles up, up and UP, towards the Sun.

When he’d flown as high as he felt he could, he paused to declare himself the victor, but before he could speak? Out from under his wing popped the wren! She’d hidden herself there, hitching a ride. With a simple flap, flap, flap, she rose a few inches above the Eagle, who could only watch, stunned…. and she let out a little victory peep! And that is how the humble wren became the Highest of the Winged Things.

If the Wren speaks to you as a totem, consider how powerful the humble and small can be, and

how the larger, stronger and braver among your flock might lift you to new heights, and allow you to lead.

Wrendolyn is inspired by The Social Caterpillar, where Kathryn Hunter leads a merry band of introverts up, up and away, to new and higher horizons.

The Flying Barrel of Monkeys!

(otherwise known as The FBoM)

What could be more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A *flying* barrel of monkeys, of course! As a totem, the FBoM. contains so much more than meets the eye. Inside, you’ll find helping hands, tails and tales, and vision that can give your dreams wings. But to get their gifts, you have to be brave enough to open the barrel, and let the monkeys out to play.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t quite ready, they’ll wait for you. They really have no choice in the matter — after all, they may be the ones with the prehensile tails, but only you have the key to open the barrel!

This particular FBoM is bursting at the seams, because it belongs to Alexia Petrakos of The Alternating Current(where the monkeys regularly climb out of the barrel and explore the world on their own two wings)


The Bird of Paradise & Wonder

As a bird of paradise, Skittles brings a splash of color and brightness to the world, wherever she goes. She’s not really named after the rainbow candy (well, ok, maybe she is), but for her unexpectedly skittish and shy nature. She’s prone to hiding her brilliance behind the foliage, or even in the shadows of bolder members of the community. But the splash of wonder her perspective brings? It’s worth the treasure hunt!

If this shy Bird of Paradise speaks to your relationship with the community? Know that others do recognize the value of hidden gems, and that colors shine that much brighter when contrasted with the shadows.

Skittles is inspired by Skaja Wills – Creative Wackiness where you may just catch a glimpse of the brighter, more colorful vision that Skittles herself represents.

The Dragonfly Effect

You’ve heard of the Butterfly Effect? The idea that a South American butterfly gently flapping its wings can cause a Typhoon off the coast of Asia? Well, this is the Dragonfly Effect – where the simple sheer beauty and buzz of it’s bejeweled wings can inspire creative health & wealth throughout the known universe. (Or something like that, anyway!)

Community wise, dragonflies are not supposed to be social critters. They don’t swarm or hive or build huge nests. But if you’ve ever spent much time near a pond, you’ve seen them playing with one another, swooping and dancing to melodies that only they can hear. They not only inspire with their beauty, but they keep the entire community around the pond healthy, by keeping the mosquito population in check. Beauty & function in one transformational winged form, The Dragonfly Effect reminds us that our impact on our community reaches far beyond what we directly comprehend.

The Dragonfly Effect Totem belongs to Kat of Spiral Song Creative Arts where Kat hints at her own journeys of transformation, and promises wonders yet to come.

The French Fashion Feefster

(FiFi, to Friends)

What is there to say about FiFi? She’s the retro glam girl of the group, always turning heads and inspiring trends. Her challenge, community-wise, is figuring out just where she fits in: does she aspire to be a cutting edge true Fashionista, snoot-nosed and all? Or is she the People’s Glamour Dog, giving permission to the masses to dress ourselves in whatever gorgeousness strikes our fancy, regardless of the current trends?

Me, I think Feefs is a fashion rebel, a real Poodle of the Peoples. I mean, just LOOK at that retro pink coat and the pearl accessories! Oooh La La… let them eat cake, indeed!

FiFi belongs to Simone Bernhard, of Chapeaux by Simone where she gives vintage hats the royal fashion treatment. Feefs definitely approves.

Spinner, The Spider Monkey

Spinner is a real helper-monkey of a spider, with all eight legs out on a limb, weaving together a community of diverse people and interests and needs. Somehow, the scraps all work together, maybe because he spins with a unifying thread of creative expression.

His spider-self brings creativity, while his monkey parts bring invoke humor and curiosity…. And while he’s not exactly the sort of spider monkey most people expect, that’s part of his charm – quirky, helpful, and way outside of the box!

Spinner, The Spider Monkey, belongs to Jennifer “Scraps” Walker, who is putting up a new website to serve as a central hub for her varied offerings: Jennifer Walker Online. It’s still a work in progress, but definitely a web worth exploring!

C.C. The Cash Cow

C.C. is an amazing provider, with a lot to teach her community. She thrives on growing things, and if she weren’t so busy being a cow, she’d make an incredible gardener. Like all Cows, CC is always happiest in a herd, performing at her best in a community setting where she can share her wisdom and milk with both her peers, the herd’s young ones, the farmer’s family, and pretty much anyone else who wanders into the barnyard! Along with milk and meat, she also provides fertilizer. Stop laughing, it’s a good thing! It keeps her profit-production sustainable..

CC, the Cash Cow, belongs to Nicole Fende’s latest offering, Peak Performance Profit Coaching where she’ll give personal attention to teaching you to milk your profits. So grab that bull by the horns, and check it out!

The Bunnyfly!

Rabbits are such tricksters – you never quite know what to expect from them! They’re typically gentle and quiet, but they also have a warrior side that has to be seen to be believed. Make them your fan, cohort or community member, and they’ll not only promote but protect your business interests.

Rabbits are also known for their fertility, but this particular rabbit? He’s made an odd partnering choice – a butterfly! Together, they bridge earth and sky, and remind us that sometimes? The most unexpected communities bring the brightest transformations.

The Bunnyfly partnership belongs to where you can find Christy’s own trans-formative writings on Faith and Christianity.

Flora In Flight

She’s a rare breed, indeed, this crane – instead of feathers, she has leaves! What does it mean? I’ve no clue, honestly, but maybe she reminds us that spreading our wings can be “natural”, even if it comes in unexpected forms.

The socialization of cranes runs in cycles… during breeding season, they are solitary or in pairs. But the rest of the time, they form huge flocks, networking up a storm!  The lesson? It’s ok to follow your own natural social flow, alternating between relationships with both large and small circles of contacts.

Flora belongs to where you can find the rainbow-goddess Cerise spreading her wings of green and messages of growth.


(becuz the world is your oyster)

If Quirkipreneurship had it’s own totem? It would probably be an Otter.  They’re the clowns of the animal kingdom, always playing, exploring, inventing. And did I mention playing? It’s Otter’s role to shake things up, provide new perspective, do the unexpected, crack things open to reveal unexpected treasures inside.

Capable of brilliance, compassion and insight, he can sometimes go a little too far with the clowning, getting lost in his own amusement. (not everyone appreciates a pie in the face, sadly!) So as an entrepreneur, it’s important for Otter to remember the audience, and balance the wacky with useful, compassionate support.

This particular compassionate Otter? He’s owned by where he lends his

playful skills to teaching the dance of Shiva Nata, alongside a purple pterodactyl.

Don’t ask about the tentacles. Just go dance!

Bandit Zen Coon

Who Was That Masked Ninja?

Raccoons are highly intelligent animals, with a talent for problem solving & an obsessive curiosity. If you’re facing a difficult puzzle, Bandit here might just be able to figure it out in a jiffy, *if* you can catch & hold his attention, that is! Raccoons are interested in what raccoons are interested in, and it’s not always clear exactly what that may be, in any given moment.

Though once believed be solitary, raccoons do band together, with even adult males forming small, tight-knit peer groups that help them to protect territories from competitors. That territorial attitude (combined with Bandit’s nocturnal habits and cat-burgler mask) can translate as threatening to those who don’t understand, so if a raccoon is your social totem? You may need to find a yin to balance your yang, and make it a point to show your community of peers and clients that you’re there to help defend the community ground, not invade it. (Bandit does have a cute and cuddly side, but shhh… he doesn’t like it when people point that out)

Bandit Zen Coon belongs to SoulHuntre’s (of Dojo Kaizen), which is still underdevelopment, but we expect great ninja things from it.

The Starry-Nosed Diggeroo!

Blinded by stars and glitter, this shy-but-clever little mole feels his way through networking challenges, using all of his senses to get the over all lay of the land, before he digs in.

As a cohort, client or customer, don’t expect him to commit quickly, but know that once you’ve won his loyalty, he’ll help you tunnel a network the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

Mr. Starry-Nose belongs to Taryn Blake, who mostly shares her social starry-goodness on Twitter (her website is coming soon!)

You’ve heard of a jackalope?

Meet The Tricksy Harrot!

(Harrot = Hare + Carrot)

Rabbits are known as tricksters, but this poor fellow appears to have been on the receiving

end of a trick; he’s had a carrot glued to the middle of his forehead, as if he were a weird hybrid

unicorn… or maybe he’s the victim of a magician’s trick gone tragically wrong.

However it happened, it keeps his hearts desire (dinner!) always in sight, but just out of

reach. It keeps him hungry, and striving forward, but never satisfied. If you are forever luring

your community, audience and prospects with unfulfilled promises, if they don’t eventually

get something they can get their teeth into, you’ll lose their attention. So don’t staple your promises to your prospect’s heads, ok?

The Harrot is also a reminder not to get attached to our labels and roles; in creative communities, role reversals are common, and just as this trickster rabbit became the tricked, communities shift and flow, leaders come and go. So remember to be flexible and leave room for the unexpected.

The Tricksy Harrot belongs to Gordon Meyer (of GordonMeyer) who certainly

seems to have mastered the unexpected!

Meet Patches!

(the porpoise with a purpose)

You might think needlework is a strange hobby for a sea-faring mammel, but Patches loves

stitching things together – in fact, it’s part of his community purpose. (Yes, he’s a porpoise

with a purpose, but shhh…. he can be a bit self conscious about being so very punny) He’s

a very social animal, not only with his own kind, but with pretty much anyone willing to stop

and say hello. His playful nature and love of diverse elements allows him to bridge the gap

between land and sea, play and productivity, tying it all up in a neat and attractive package.

If Patches appeals to you as a social totem, consider how you might use your own playful, creative

streak to strengthen the ties of your community, bringing together unexpected bits and piecing them

together into a unique whole.

Patches belongs to Stitch Circus, where soon you’ll find amazing embroidery,

needlework and tips to help you stitch together your own circus of creativity.

The Hooves Of Power!

(cue annoying echo effect)

Have you ever listened to hoof beats? Really listened to the rhythm as the horse’s feet

pound the earth, each step a connection with earth, each step a power unleashed? That’s

what the Hooves of Power! (cue annoying echo effect again) are all about. Moving energy

from stored to active, and making sure it connects the action with reality, with the ground,

driving not only the individual horse forward, but the entire herd of horse power (on the hoof,

so to speak.)

If you feel a connection to this totem, part of your community role might be to sound the

hoof beats, setting the rhythm and pace for those around you, helping to

ground and balance the whole group with sensible but inspiring power and force.

The Hooves Of Power (cue annoying sound effect) Totem belongs to Tina Robbins of where Tina helps her people gather their scattered energy, and direct it towards the ever-more-awesome.

The Helper Mouse!

she’s got *really* big dreams … on wings!

Helper Mouse: the words bring up images of all those helpful, scurrying and supportive creatures found in Disney films, don’t they? Helpers that gather up both thoughts and supplies, make sure you get dressed for the ball, find your lost Dayplanner, call the prince and tell him you’ll be a bit late for the date…. even bring you a key should you happen to find yourself locked in the tower.

They do all of this because it is their nature to scurry, to help, to fix things, and because they believe in Happily Ever After. Of course, they *also* do it because of the food and occasional shiny baubles that fall their way, but they like to think of that as a sort of side-bonus. Helper mice don’t often think of themselves as community-centric critters, but they are… because how can you help if no one is around?

What I love about this particular mouse is that she’s imagined herself a pair of wings, and has decided to take flight on her own, realizing her own dreams, not just someone else’s, so she can serve as an example and inspiration to the Cinderella’s of the world.

The Helper Mouse belongs to Victoria Brouhard, who is busy dreaming up new ways to help everyone’s dreams take flight in reality.

Raven Brings-The-Sun!

(It’s all about sharing the shiny and bright)

There are so many tales about Raven, but the one I love best is about how he stole the sun, moon and stars from where they’d been hidden away in darkness, and hung them in the sky for all to share. So this Raven has a dual nature. He’s both a giver and a taker, making him a sort of winged Robin Hood. As a community member, his role is to bring sometimes hidden knowledge out into the light, and share it’s benefits with others, which is perfectly suited to his nature as a collector of wisdom, and a bit of a rebel creator and trickster.

If you connect to this totem, pay special attention to how you shape any potentially dual-natured messages, so that the community knows you are on their side, that they are not the victims of his antics, but the beneficiaries – and that no one is harmed by Raven’s innocent, creative and helpful tricks.

Raven-Brings-The-Sun belongs to Lori Stone of Roundabout, where she teaches web marketing tactics that bring businesses out of hiding and into the light.

Cuddles Koala

(Could she BE any cuter?)

The awesome thing about koala totems? They are just so darn adorable that to build a community, all they have to do is show up, and people will be drawn to them like magic, bringing them eucalyptus leaves and other nommy sustenance.

Somehow, koalas make being wonderful yet lazy seem like a workable business tactic! The risk, of course, is that while they’re napping, everyone may sneak off so as not to disturb their sleep. And there goes the community — and the never ending supply of hugs and noms! The challenge is finding ways to nap and nom, socially!

Cuddles The Koala belongs to LaVonne Ellis’s One Blue Berry, a growing community collection of true tales, none of which feature a koala. Yet.

Rebecca. The Anteater.

(Yes, just “Rebecca”)

I have no idea why her name is Rebecca, but she insists that it is, in fact, Rebecca. )And really, who is going to argue with a giant green anteater? Have you seen those claws? Ouch!) But whatever the secret reason behind her name, Rebecca is fond of sticking her nose into the community and snuffling around for delicious tidbits of helpfulness.

The social symbolism of giant anteaters is interesting – they themselves are solitary and territorial, but their main food sources (ants and termites) live in large, interdependent communities. What does that mean in a business context? Well, maybe that sometimes, the appropriate role for a business requires being somewhat separate from your peers and customers, even while serving a community.

If you relate to Rebecca The Anteater, consider how involved you should be with your community on a day to day basis. Sometimes, help from a nosey outsider is exactly what’s called for!

Rebecca belongs to Eileen Valazza’s latest project, Love & Greens , where she helps people make peace with what they eat, in a loving supportive way.


(with fur, feathers, and friends)

Purr-Purr is a little self-conscious sometimes, and mostly about his name. He thinks it’s too cute, and not befitting a cat of his dignity and stature. Of course, he has no idea how silly he actually looks with those birds perched on his ear and tail, but that’s part of his feline charm…. the ability to maintain his own sense of dignity even in the most undignified of situations.

Socially, our feline friends are a bit of a conundrum. They have a reputation for being aloof and independent, but they really prefer to share their space in a large family setting. Left to their own devices in the wild, cats choose to live in family colonies. Kept domesticated, they will create a sense of family where ever they are, bonding not only with humans but other pets which might, in other circumstances, seem like natural enemies (or even prey!)

If you relate to Purr-Purr, temper your tendency to appear aloof with outgoing friendliness and unconventional relationships, knowing that your dignity will carry you gracefully through any awkward situations, and that a friendly purr may well be all the charm you’ll ever need!

Purr-Purr-Fection belongs to Kimiko Alexander, the Gifted-Reader whose voice-over talents bring a smooth purr to audio projects of all types.

Honey Fire, The Lightning Bee

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen a creature quite like Honey; she seems to be some sort of unexpected hybrid between fireflies and honey bees! The firefly in her helps her to light the way for others, providing inspiration and guidance, while the honey bee DNA helps her form a supportive, productive community, pollinating the projects of others in her community. All the while, she’s buzzing about the sweet honey that her colony produces!

Bees are all about community, and fireflies are all about communication, creating some pretty powerful mojo when combined. So if you relate to our Honey Fire totem, remember that for some businesses, community and communication are not just strategies, but the core of what Honey Fire does — it’s who she is, the whole of her identity.

Oh, and the honey? It’s just a bonus!

Honey Fire belongs to Birdy Diamond’s An Encouraging Bird, where she brings together a wealth of flowering interests in support of community.

Magnus the Magpie

“Oh, look, it’s a SHINY!”

Magnus is a bit of a magician when it comes to finding and assembling bits of bright metal & jewels, then distributing them around the world. He knows exactly what catches people’s attention, because he knows what captures his! And honestly, whatever catches his eye is fair game, to be liberated and borrowed and woven into the next shiny assemblage that he’ll offer to the world.

His one flaw? He sometimes has trouble letting go of the shiny. He’s so very fond of it himself, you see, that he doesn’t always get it out into the world where it belongs. At times, he’s almost like a dragon, hoarding supplies in favor of the possibilities of beauty, rather than getting the work done, and out there. Oh, he doesn’t mean to be selfish, just that he sees such great potential, and sometimes it’s difficult to allow the shiny to leave his talons when it is less than perfect.

If you relate to Magnus as a totem, consider if you’re holding back some of your gifts, when perhaps they would be better put out into the world, even when imperfect. Remember that even the greatest diamonds have flaws!

Magnus belongs to TwOOwls Art , where a certain Birdy, her partner, Mike, and guest artists create a variety of handmade sparklies and other offerings.

Foxy Foxy!

Once, many years ago, I had a dream about an anthropomorphic fox. He was wearing a T-shirt that said “Meow” on it. When I looked at him quizzically, he chanted “Foxy, foxy, foxy! Foxy is NOT catty!” and darted off behind a tree. Hrrmph! But I took his point.

Foxy is one sexy, clever, smart &creative trickster, and his intuitive grasp of the world can indeed make him seem more feline than canine (balancing masculine & feminine). His wit serves him well in the community, amusing just about everyone, and aiding his escape from any pursuing horses & hounds. But caution in cleverness is called for, too – he can, after all, be a bit vain about just how desirable his tail is, and utterly unaware of how weary others can be of his tricks.

If you feel a connection to Foxy, be clever, witty and quick in your community interactions – Your people love that! But watch that you aren’t so caught up in your own wit that you jump the shark, lest the hounds to jump you!

Foxy Foxy belongs to the marvelously intuitive Bridget Pilloud of, and he specifically represents her work with Power Play – check it out!

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