Weekend Ketchup #3 (Or is it #4? I skipped one)

Jul 31

The Ketchups are my newly revived, mostly-weekly ritual, a fret-free way to assure that I post once a week, even if it’s not pure awesome-sauce. If you’d like to play along, just add your ketchup (or a link to it) in the condiment section below.

Whoa. This week? I got stuff DONE! Go me!

We have a new About page! I’m still scared to go and re-read it just yet, but I thought it was pretty rockin’ when I wrote it.

And writing about myself? I hate it so much that I avoided it by logged into LinkedIn and updated my contacts there – something I’d not done in 2 years. And I seriously hate LinkedIn, because it’s so formal and there are so many blanks in my resume and and and…. well. You get the picture. But my About-Page avoidance wasn’t quite severe enough to make me update Facebook.

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Weekend Ketchup: #2 of 57 Varieties

Jul 17

image The Ketchups are my newly revived, maybe-weekly ritual, a fret-free way to assure that I post once a week, even if it’s not pure awesome-sauce. If you’d like to play along, just add your ketchup (or a link to it) in the condiment section below.  And yes, this is loosely based on Havi’s Friday Chickens, except it’s Ketchup.  And yes, she’s fine with it. (She even linked to my very first ketchup experiment in 2009. Which only went for one week. So I’ve already surpassed myself… yay!)

So. This Week? Realizations?
Don’t remember them.

I know I had some, but they’ve vanished, so I think I’ll just whine, for a moment.  Wine may not be an ingredient in your ketchup recipe, but it’s in mine, because I said so.

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Weekend Ketchup! (Cuz Everything’s better With Condiments)

Jul 10

Totem Pole from British ColumbiaOk, yes, I’ve been pretty much AWOL for the past…

…erm..  it’s been a whole month.  I’ve been busy with a project that I was *sure* would be ready to go “any day now”, so I kept putting off posting until it was ready.  Now? It’s actually, really almost ready! Yay! Seriously ready! YAY!

Curious about what it is? The image over on the right will give you a hint. But meanwhile, a lot of stuff happened, stuff I didn’t tell you about because I was busy being “almost ready”.   So I’m taking the opportunity to Ketchup.  I’d love it if this wound up my version of Havi’s Chickens (a weekly public check-in she and her readers do) but I’m flakier than Havi, so we’ll have to wait and see if I repeat it.

Meanwhile, here’s the ketchup from the last month or so! (Don’t worry, it’s not past the ‘best by’ date)

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Planning The Plan: NaNoWriMo As A Case Study

Oct 03

It's a monkey! How could I not use an image with a monkey?
(This is the first in an experimental tradition of posting whatever-the-hell I feel like on the weekends. For more info on that, see this. Now, carry on please!)

You know what NaNoWriMo is, right?

National Novel Writing Month.  Each November, a gazillion and twelve idiots promise that they will write a novel.  In 30 days.

I know. It’s nuts. If you take on this task, you’ll be moody, cranky, frustrated, and bi-polar throughout November. Your head will hurt, your eyes will burn, and you’ll need an industrial size bottle of Febreze because you’ll forget to shower.

Yeah. I know.

I’m doing it again, too.

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Declaring A New Weekend Tradition

Oct 03

image A Happy Sunday To You!

I hope this finds you bright and chirpy. Could someone bring me a coffee? Oh, and one of those cheese danish things. Thanks!

Just a moment ago, I made a decision.  See, I’ve got all of these draft posts piling up in my blogging software, and it’s getting annoying.   Some of them are waiting on timing issues. Some, I’m not quite sure where I’m going with them.  But the others? Yeah.  I’m sitting on them because I think they’re too personal, too off-topic, too-much-about me-and-not-you. either scared to hit publish for some reason.

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