Are You A Quirkipreneur? (It’s The Next Big Thing)

Dec 03

It's an elephant! With a swirly head! Whoa.Today, the Monster Counsel is taking a break, and we’re putting the elephants back to work.  Why? We have a new tent that needs putting up.

A sideshow tent.

A special tent.

A *Quirky* tent.

It’s well situated on the carnival grounds, just across from the Sideshow Freaks, next to the  House of Mirrors, and it caters to a very special clientele, indeed.

No no, not the “special” clientele that frequents the  hoochie-coochie show. (What kind of place do you think I’m running here, anyway?).

I mean the REALLY special folks – the ones with dreams, and aspirations, talents, and… well.. quirks.

I call them Quirkipreneurs.

And I think you might just be one.

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