The Big. Scary. Sales Page. (Run Away, Run Away!)

Nov 19

It's A Flourish!


It’s My Big-Scary-Almost-Didn’t-Finish-It Sales Page


It's another flourish!

One Scary Ducking Duck

Yesterday? I decided it was time to get the duck over it and put up a ducking sales page.

That’s when I discovered that sales pages?  Yeah. They are *way* scarier than ducks.  Scarier even than scary, mad ducks.

And even when you write them as non-sales pages?

They’re still scary.

But I did it.

And I’m celebrating by showing it to you.

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Just One Word: A NaNoWriMo Challenge

Nov 17

It's a monkey! How could I not use an image with a monkey?I just spent the last hour or two putting together an audiocast.

I played it back, and decided I hated it.

So I re-recorded it.

I decided I hated *that* one, too.

Why? Because what I was talking about was, essentially, how to quit NaNoWriMo. How to drop out spectacularly, without even trying to reach 50k.

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Dreaming Of Reluctant Leadership?

Nov 04

A Bed Time Story, From Paths often come with confusing directions. Or no directions.
The Fortune Teller’s Tent*

Once upon a time, a much younger Fortune Teller (who had not yet learned the wisdom of hiding behind fictional characters) found herself on a rather poorly marked spiritual path. There were many brambles and forky twists in the road, and the Fortune Teller was afraid she would lose her way.

She thought it would be nice to have few more landmarks and maybe a map (not to mention a few less brambles).

So she sought out others who were on a similar path, others with experience and knowledge and hedge clippers.

And she found them!

But the Others didn’t offer her a map. They didn’t have a compass either, and worse? They didn’t really appear to be *doing* much of anything.

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NaNoWriMo Audio Experiment, Day 1

Nov 01

Here we are, on November 1st, 2010.

Yes, it’s the very first day of National Novel Writing Month.  Yay, NaNoWriMo!  I can hear the keyboards clacking wildly around the world.

So far, I have penned a blindingly brilliant 89 words. Yes, you read that right. Eight.Nine.

Impressed much? Me too!

Ok, so I’m having a rough start, and part of the reason for the rough start means it’s  going to be tough to write this weeks planned Circus posts, too.

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Holy Stupid Pendulum Swings, Batman!

Oct 20

Content vs. Design vs. Marketing plus LOST

This isn’t the post I planned this week.

I meant to write something deep, thoughtful and visionary to make up for recent self obsessed weirdness, but I’m too busy being frustrated by the arguments breaking out among the Online Voices of Authority.  Let’s listen in a moment: Rawr! Long Live The King! “Content is King!”

“The King is Dead – long live Design!”

“Marketing, Marketing RAH RAH RAH!”

“Ur Stoopid! It’s the Googlez!”

Then someone hit someone else over the head with a large and heavy metric analysis, and things got a bit bloody.

Having the Online Voices of Authority shouting at each other about what is the ONE TRUE KEY & KING just isn’t good for our Serene.

So I thought I’d hit the pause button, and bring a wee bit of rationality back to the discussion.

(Yes, I’ll get to the LOST part. Later. Trust me.)

What’s behind all the mayhem?

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Business Models. WTF Is Mine, anyway?

Oct 11

Money that's not in my pocket; not this week, anyway. I’ve been on the web since 1996, and earned at least little bits of money most years.  Even when it was really unfashionable to earn anything, even when hosting was stupid expensive.

But I’ve never made a lot of money.

Why Not?

I saw the trends, saw the openings, successfully identified the next bandwagons, knew exactly what Thing I could do that would have made decent income and possibly exploded into rockstar ninja status.

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Social Media: A Rant About Relationships

Oct 07

Tweet!This morning?

While I was still sipping Diet Coke and deciding if I wanted to bother with coffee (I settled on another Diet Coke, instead) a re-heated Tweet popped onto my screen.

Remember the ’90s, when “be meaningful to strangers online” wasn’t a to-do list item?

Wow. Yes, yes I do remember.

Those memories set off an explosion of response in my head.

I’m sure Justin didn’t mean to do that.  He seems nice, after all.  It just…  sorta… happened.

The Resulting kaBOOM?

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Planning The Plan: NaNoWriMo As A Case Study

Oct 03

It's a monkey! How could I not use an image with a monkey?
(This is the first in an experimental tradition of posting whatever-the-hell I feel like on the weekends. For more info on that, see this. Now, carry on please!)

You know what NaNoWriMo is, right?

National Novel Writing Month.  Each November, a gazillion and twelve idiots promise that they will write a novel.  In 30 days.

I know. It’s nuts. If you take on this task, you’ll be moody, cranky, frustrated, and bi-polar throughout November. Your head will hurt, your eyes will burn, and you’ll need an industrial size bottle of Febreze because you’ll forget to shower.

Yeah. I know.

I’m doing it again, too.

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The Un-Meme That Made My Head Explode (Thank you, IttyBiz)

Sep 30

There was this big....  KaBoom!Today, before I even made coffee, Ms.Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz fame sent out an innocent looking link on Twitter.

I clicked on it.

Then my head exploded.

Naomi calls the post her un-Meme, and she challenged me (and you, and everyone else) to answer a series of deceptively quick questions, questions that amount to “What do you do for a living?”

It starts like this:

“What’s your game? What do you do?”

I could tell you I teach people to blah blah blah, or that I help  so-and-so do such and such. I could also say that I’m in transition, and still feeling my way around this new project I call The Circus.

Any of those replies would probably get me brownie points from all the entrepreneurial biggification coach people out there, and the second would probably also get me offers of introductory coaching sessions with some of you.

But what my actual game is? Yeah.

I breathe. I feel. I stress. I touch the divine.

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Find Your Inside Voice. Send It Outside To Play.

Sep 27

My inner voice loves wearing a red rubber nose.

When I say voice…

I mostly mean writing voice, style, tone, mood.  The way we say what we say, the way we get our message across.

When I say inside voice,  I mostly mean our natural, deepest voice, the one that comes from within, the one that speaks both to and from our most inner self.

It also happens to be the one that reaches other people’s inner-selves.

It’s important, this reaching other people’s inner-selves thing.

Why? Because inside is where change happens. Inside is where real decisions are made. Inside is where the potential lives.

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