Red Velvet Ropes (plus a side helping of Mr. Spouse)

Apr 07

I think I was 2 years or more ago that I tried to lead a peer-group discussion around Michael Port’s idea of “red velvet rope” I was branded an elistist! Ok, really, it was more like a temporary tattoo, but even more temporary.policies.

Surprisingly,  the subject was a total non-starter – 2/3rds of the group branded the concept as elitist, exclusionary, snobby, and hurtful. At the time, I just changed the topic, and moved on, but I’ve never forgotten, and it’s been bothering me ever since.

Why? Because my own “red velvet rope” policies helped me shape the very peer group that now objected so strongly to the idea! The resulting paradox was more confounding than anything Marty McFly ever dealt with.

Plus, it gave me a headache.  I hate headaches.

But I may have found a  way to resolve the paradox, cure the headache, prove that “red velvet ropes” aren’t inherently elitist, and maybe even make you laugh at the absurdity that is my life.

Ready to hear about it? First, I’d better make sure we’re all on the same page …

Just What Is A Red
Velvet Rope Policy?

It’s pretty much what it sounds like… a policy that guides the right people inside your venue, and guides the wrong people away from your venue, so that neither of you waste your time, money or energy on something that’s not suitable.

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Today, On Alien Monster… #37 The Bipolar Blanket Fort

Sep 18

It's Another Flourish

AlienMonster #37: May The Fort Be With You

Wondering what this is about? <—click here

It's Another Flourish!

While sorting through the archives of Alien Monster comics, this one leapt out at me – probably because I’m having a blanket-fort-kind-of-week around here.

And seriously, who doesn’t want to hide away from the world in their own way from time to time? How many of us might choose to stay in that fortress-of-solitude, if other needs didn’t force us back into the world?

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Today’s Forecast: Brief Delays With An 80% Chance Of Cusswords

Nov 05

So, earlier this week, I wrote briefly about the soon-to-be-launched community site for quirkipreneurs, and said: “With any luck, we’ll be moving into the live beta by Friday”

Well, Luck abandoned me for some hot dude in a firefighter’s uniform. Turns out?  The software platform I’ve been working with simply isn’t suitable my long-term plans, and I wasted a lot of time over the past few days trying to find workarounds (I’m stubborn. I was sure I could *force* it to be suitable) Thus, the delay, and the cussing.

Apparently, I need to start over with new, persnickety software.  Dammit.

But instead of making you wait another 4-6 weeks for your discussion area, I’m settling.  On Tuesday, I’m going ahead with the beta on the current platform.  You’ll get a taste of what the future holds, have a private space for getting input from the community for your own projects, and we can work together on the development of the full site that’s in the plans.

Why Tuesday? Because it’s my birthday weekend (Yay! I’m 29! Again!) so I have prior obligations that will keep me away from the computer. And launching a beta program when I’d have to leave Emmit in charge doesn’t seem like a good idea, does it?

So check back on Tuesday, will ya?  And who knows… Maybe Lady Luck and her new boy toy will drop back by for a visit.Lady Luck & Her New Boy Toy

Image by Scott Griessel of Creatista, who made this available via Dreamstime’s stock images, a lovely company which I still haven’t gotten around to signing up for as an affiliate. Go figure.

It's Another Flourish!

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I don’t just want you to watch this…

Sep 20

… or memorize it’s message.

I want you to breathe it into your soul.

Text link: Have A Little Faith

Thank you for this, Jonathan Fields.

It's Another Flourish!

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We Interrupt This Blog For A Personal Insight Emergency!

Sep 15

This started as a comment on a previous post, but it turned into something more.  Not a lot more, mind you, but it’s certainly more than a comment – It’s about my process, so it may not make a lot of sense at first. Also, there are questions for you at the end of each section, so you can dive in and not-make-a-lot-of-sense right along with me, if you like.

I was really
struggling last night.

Doubting everything.
Doubting everyone.
Doubting myself.

This recent anti-online-business bruhaha shook me, what with all of the talk about “online businesses aren’t real/can’t make money” and “people who don’t have degrees and haven’t successfully run brick and mortar businesses can’t coach/teach/write about business.”  It undercut my confidence in what I’m trying to do here.

So I curled up with a particular book that serves as my creative touch stone, and slowly? I remembered why I’d set up this weird and ill-defined circus caravan in the first place:

To do something fun, experimental, unpredictable,
something that incorporates a variety of skills into
a package that, hopefully, can help others and add
consistently to our household income.

Something that inspired me. Something that was inventive. Something that took risks.

I’m not asking you to set aside secure or boring or every day lives, and take those risks with me.  But if you  are already taking risks (or wanting to take those risks), I’m asking if you’ll consider joining me and others in some small or large way,  so we can have support and comfort as we forge new ground and take these risks together.

My questions for you: What is the original concept that drove you to decide developing your own venture-business-thing was the way to go? What are you risking with that?

But then? I realized
I’m not exactly clueless.

I’ve been surrounded by small business and innovation all of my life.

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