Popcorn Calm: Two Hot Buttered Resources for Friday Self-care (On A Sunday)

Mar 06

Git Your Popcorn! Hot Fresh Giant Popcorn! On Friday, I’d planned to publish an interview with Jennifer Lee about her just released Right Brained Business Plan Book (did I mention I’m in it? Oh, only about a thousand times? Ok!) but things got a bit busy for both of us, so we’ve saving that glorious bit of wonder for later.

Instead, I decided to work with another tip I learned from her, “Self-Care Fridays”.  See, Jenn’s  dedicates her Fridays to self-nurturing and fun, restorative & restful activities that help her recover from a hectic week.  So in lieu of her interview, I gathered up two of my favorite quick and easily available resources for “Self-Care Fridays”.

These work great for what I call “popcorn calm”, instant, simple, and stress free ways of injecting some relaxation into my day.

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Feeling Off Kilter? Re-Discover Your Center of Balance

Nov 24

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Obligatory Foreword: A guided audio version of this exercise will be included in the Centering Kit, scheduled for some sort of release on Dec. 15th.Looky! We found it! Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

Meanwhile, here in the States, it’s traditional Turkey Insanity Week, when happy families gather to bitch about Aunt Edna’s biscuits and throw the good china at one another’s heads. And since  china-chucking can  knock people a wee bit off-kilter, I’ve written  up this read-it-yourself version, to help out you find and keep your balance during this trying, turkey-filled time.   So set down that antique serving platter you were winding up to pitch, and get yourself re-centered.

It's A Flourish!
Take a moment to pause…

…to meet yourself right  where you are, and breathe easily while you read through these instructions.  This exercise works best seated in a chair;  you’ll want to scoot forward towards the front edge of the seat, just a bit, so that you can lean backwards a few degrees without hitting the back rest.

Entries in this series:
  1. Finding Center: An Introduction
  2. Feeling Off Kilter? Re-Discover Your Center of Balance
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Yawning: Contagious Relaxation

Sep 09

I mean it.. Yawn!

If you don’t feel a yawn coming on, that’s ok. Just fake it a few times, and you should find yourself yawning for real in a moment or two.

Now, take note of how you feel… maybe more relaxed? more focused?  (If the yawn made you sleepier, maybe you’re a wee bit sleep deprived and a nap is in order.)

So what’s going on here?  I wrote this about it elsewhere:

“Yawning has a pretty darn profound effect on the ol’ grey matter.  It increases blood flow, cools the brain,  increases alertness, improves  focus, regulates sleep cycles, kicks off a whole cocktail of important neuro-chemicals, and… get this… reduces stress and anxiety.”

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Snackable Bits Of Calm

Jun 12

Popcorn.  It’s bite-sized, quick to prepare, and yummy.

Plus, it smells awesome.

When you need a quick and easy dose of delicious centered serenity?  Check this section for a growing collection of tools and tips to keep the daring aerialist in you balanced and comfy.

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