The Squid Of Second Guesses (a coloring book page)

May 02

It's A Flourish!

Yes, I’m breaking my long silence to bring you a near random absurdity:  The Squid of Second Guessing.


How’d we end up here? What’s it all mean?

What is it, exactly, that the Squid is second-guessing?

And what are you supposed to do with this?

Good questions.

I’m wondering that myself.

Unfortunately, I have to dash off for a memorial service today, followed by a 91st birthday dinner, so I’m a bit too flustered and see-saw-ish to make sense of it all.

But know what I’d love to come back to, tomorrow? A bunch of squidish speculations in the comment section! In fact, if you’d like to answer those questions yourself, name the squid, or make up your own mini Tales of the Squid, that’d be awesome!

Or you can download the squid, print it out, and color/paint/bead/sequin it to your heart’s content.  And I’d love love love it if you’d link to that in the comments, too! Squid of Second Guessing: The Printable Version

But whatever you decide to do, or not do?

No second guesses allowed!

Squidly said so.

It's Another Flourish!

UPDATE: Some folks reported problems downloading the larger image, so here it is again:
Squid of Second Guessing: The Printable Version

(and Squidly still says so!)

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Totems! Plus A Sneak Peek At The New Community Site

Oct 31

It's A Flourish!

It’s all Hallow’s Eve (Boo!)
And we have new Totems!

Honey FirePurr Purr

Rachel. The Anteater.Shiny! Magnus The Magpie

This totem set belongs to Birdy Diamond’s An Encouraging Bird,
Kimiko Alexander’s Gifted-Reader, Eileen Valazza’s Love & Greens
and Birdy & Mike’s TwOOwls Art.

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Totem Post #5!

Aug 31

Check it out… four more Totems for your viewing pleasure, and four more incredible, quirky businesses to explore!

These lovely, cuddly, clever beasties were drawn for:

How awesome are these folks?
(Pretty darn awesome, I’m tellin’ ya)

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Totem Pole Update!

Aug 24

The latest totems are up, and like all the rest, they’re my very most favorites ever!  Click on them to see the full menagerie and their stories.

These loverly beasties belong to Open Roads Coaching, Stitch Circus, and The Social Caterpillar.

I’d hoped to have the last few totems done before I posted the announcement, but alas, alark and woe,  a summer cold and a very sickly grumpy spouse have conspired against that plan.  But if you’re among the final few, never fear… they’re coming soon!

It's Another Flourish!

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Totem Ketchup! The Second Pole

Aug 08

Since I didn’t ketchup over the weekend, you get your ketchup on Monday, this week.  And it’s a limited, brief ketchup, just dealing with Totems!

After a wee struggle with some tech issues, we’ve got a brand new way of displaying the totems & poles, and four new totems in the menagerie. Click on them to go to the pole, and read their messages:

The Fashion FeefsterDragonfly Effect

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First, Second & Third Things: Totemic Updates!

Jul 28

First Things First! Two more Totems have been added to the Menagerie! They belong to Gordon Remey and ShivaMonster, and I had a lot of exploring both sites (stage magic and Shiva Nata.. does it get any better?) Click on the images below to see all 5 that have been completed.

Harrot = Hare + Carrot

(the three previous totems belong to Christy Bower, Taryn Blake and RainbowSpiritGoddess.  How cool are they?)

Second Things Second: The first-round of Totems are, sadly, sold out while I dig myself out from under 20+ orders in 36 hours.  That 20 sold didn’t surprise me, but the timing? Yeah. That seriously surprised me. I had to close the offer way early, for fear that I’d be making people wait months for delivery!

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