AFP & The Art of Asking

Jun 07

It's A Flourish!

It's Another Flourish!

Your thoughts?

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I don’t just want you to watch this…

Sep 20

… or memorize it’s message.

I want you to breathe it into your soul.

Text link: Have A Little Faith

Thank you for this, Jonathan Fields.

It's Another Flourish!

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I Believe In You.

Jul 21

I Believe In You (mp3)

(And just for those who are audio-averse… look, a transcript!)
Even unicorns need to be believed in!

Yes, I believe in you…
Even when you’re whiny,

And so frustrated and cranky that you can’t stand yourself.

I believe in you.

Even when your disappointment bleeds out onto your desk, getting your keyboard so sticky that the caps lock key refuses to release, and you’re shouting at everybody.

And when that damnable caps lock key, and your own self-sabotage make me want to shake you and yell CUT IT OUT ALREADY, DAMMIT!?

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