Yawning: Contagious Relaxation

Sep 09

I mean it.. Yawn!

If you don’t feel a yawn coming on, that’s ok. Just fake it a few times, and you should find yourself yawning for real in a moment or two.

Now, take note of how you feel… maybe more relaxed? more focused?  (If the yawn made you sleepier, maybe you’re a wee bit sleep deprived and a nap is in order.)

So what’s going on here?  I wrote this about it elsewhere:

“Yawning has a pretty darn profound effect on the ol’ grey matter.  It increases blood flow, cools the brain,  increases alertness, improves  focus, regulates sleep cycles, kicks off a whole cocktail of important neuro-chemicals, and… get this… reduces stress and anxiety.”

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Snackable Bits Of Calm

Jun 12

Popcorn.  It’s bite-sized, quick to prepare, and yummy.

Plus, it smells awesome.

When you need a quick and easy dose of delicious centered serenity?  Check this section for a growing collection of tools and tips to keep the daring aerialist in you balanced and comfy.

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