Feb 12

It's A Flourish!

Oh, hello!  It’s been a while, huh?

Like a really LONG while? I have missed you all and this site SO much while I’ve been away, and focused on the Quirkipreneurs projects. I love it over at there, but there’s just a special feel to this place that speaks to the heart. Now that entrepreneurial topics have their own home over on the Q, I’d love to re-focus this site on more casual, personal writings, stuff that doesn’t belong there.  Sound good? Ok!

But the official transition can wait.

Right now, I want to introduce you to a new member of the team… see that little line drawing of a critter over there?  The one shaped like a pear that grew feet andth a trunk?  That’s a Quirk.    He (she?) is a member of a tribe that will be showing up pretty much all over the place, and there is a curious connection back to the Circus Serene.

See, my imaginary helpers here at the Circus have always been Elephants, because, you know, ELEPHANTS! .  You’ll find jokes and little remarks about them scattered through the site, quips how they read the email, put up new tents for new projects, demanded more peanuts, etc.   When I started the Quirkipreneurs site, I just naturally carried that idea over, substituting “Quirks” for “Elephants”.  Then, gradually, the Quirks began to take form, and have faces and identities (Honestly, they’re a bit like the Minions from Despicable Me…  I think they’re likely related).

When I drew the first  Quirk, I thought of it as being vaguely Tapir-like. What’s a Tapir? One of these  things:

<< —– Malaysian Tapir in London Zoo, photographed by User:Bluemoose in May 2005 and contributed to Wikipedia.  So now you know what a Tapir is, we can get back to the Quirks.

Anyway, I was talking with one of my cohorts last week, and she remarked that what the Quirks really reminded her of was Elephant Seals.   My jaw kind of fell on the floor, because, well, YES!  I’d been trying to draw their front legs/arms, but couldn’t make them work very well, which makes total sense if they’re an elephant seals, which only have one set of limbs (flippers).   But more important to me was the realization that these were, in fact, the very same elephantine “helpers” as I’d had over here at the circus — Elephants, Elephant Seals, Tapirs and Quirks… all relations, all one thing.

If I were in a woo-woo state of mind…

I might even say the Quirks were a spirit-tribe, which had always been trying to come through and make their presence known here.  But we don’t believe in woo, do we?  (wait, is it an alternate Tuesday? Because I totally beleive in Woo on alternate Tuesdays…

*checks calendar* Whew. So it’s just coincidence or subconscious bleed through or something.  No spiritual freakiness required, what a relief.

Anyway,  just wanted to share this Quirk with you, and let you know that I will be posting here again, as time and mental state allows.  It will be less prettified, less polished, less edited, more inconsistent and less fussy than before, but it may also be more interesting, as long as you don’t get twitchy because of typos and misspellings, or occasional photos of Elephant Seals.

A Really Awesome Male Elephant Seal photo,  from Wikimedia Commons, shared by user Mousse  —>>

It's Another Flourish!