Step One: Fall Down. (Ink & Pastel)

May 30

It's A Flourish!

Thought you’d like to see what I did yesterday:

Step One: Fall Down.

“Step One: Fall Down.”
Step Two, of course, is “Try Again.”

It's Another Flourish!

This is a gift for a Great-Nephew’s baby shower – it’s a 9” x12” pastel & ink collage, based on an old family photo (I added the rabbit ears, they don’t run in the family so far as I know) The scanner doesn’t really capture the subtle, clear colors well, but it’s windy outside and I’m feeling too lazy to reshoot it.  Oh, and you can’t see them, but there are touches of silver on the skates & buttons.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.
And you?


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Is his name Peter Rabbit? And are you *sure* rabbit ears don’t run in the family? 🙂

  2. Marie A /

    Love it! I’m reminded of the old swing song “Pick Yourself Up” running through my head:

    “Don’t love your confidence if you slip/Be grateful for a pleasant trip/Just pick yourself up/Dust yourself off/And start all over again.”

  3. He is wonderful! The rabbit ears are perfect even if they don’t run in your family.

  4. This is awesome….and it’s probably because I have tarot/oracle decks on the brain (eagerly awaiting my newest one ANY MINUTE NOW *stares at door and waits for FedEx truck noise*) but I bet you could make a kickass deck. Just FYI. 😉

  5. Tori Deaux /

    @Michelle – did you get your new deck? Which one is it? I love the art on so many of them. And yes, I’ve thought about doing an oracle/tarot deck, but it’s so much work! I’d need a project manager to keep me going. Ahem. Of course, You don’t know any do ya? 😉

    @Delisa & Christy – Thanks! And no, his name isn’t Peter, and yes, I’m sure the ears don’t run in the family, though I’ve now got an image of a pair of rabbit ears wearing running shoes in my head.

    @Marie I love that you’ve always got a soundtrack for us. It’s a gift, it is – and a treasured one!