A Business Villain With Flourish!

Apr 02

It's A Flourish!

My creative-cohort TheNumbersWhisperer (aka Nicole Fende) has been having fun with the idea of Business Villains – personifications of the problems & fears we encounter as biz people & entrepreneurs. She’s got a lovely reader gallery of rogues started up, and at her suggestion, I decided to contribute a portrait of my chief Arch-Nemesis of 2012-2013:

The Drama Llama: A Business Villain With Flourish(click on the image for the full impact)

It's A Flourish!

At first glance, the Drama Llama seems innocuous enough…

Amusing, entertaining, maybe even a little charming. But don’t let his sweet face fool you — this woolen miscreant will rob you blind and leave cloven hoof prints all over your quirkipreneur heart!

He’ll  come to you in the guise of a family member, friend, or business partner, or he may present himself as a creative muse of your very own.  But beware, this “muse” comes with baggage, and he intends to make you his SkyCap!   Once he’s tricked you into carrying his full emotional weight, he’ll spit over-dramatic and irrational rhetoric at you, demanding attention and distracting you from more important business at hand — important business like, oh, I don’t know….  running your business, as an example?

How do you defeat this Ugly Ungulate?

Refocus the spotlight of your attention on profitable, practical tasks, side stepping the emotions and drama as much as possible.   If the Llama comes to you in human form, disengage yourself from them if you can, and if not, try to get them focused on small, simple steps forward. If the Llama speaks to you from inside your own head, learn to recognize his voice with its overblown statements and exaggerations.

Me, I find it useful to introduce a little Llama Logic — reminding him that his vision of the world is a wee bit distorted, seen as it is through a veil of llama wool  that’s been pulled over his eyes for so long he can’t remember what the real world looks like.

So here’s hoping for a Llama-free 2nd quarter of 2013, and perhaps, if we’re lucky, another Nemesis portrait, coming soon to a blog post near you!

It's Another Flourish!


  1. I love, love, love the Drama Llama. Plus I learned a new word – Ungulate.

    The Drama Llama is live in the showcase, and I encourage others to visit and share. You don’t have to be an artist. To prove I included my original villain (oh boy I’m NOT an artist).

  2. Ah my dearest doodle…what a mean spirited villain. I’m not sure what my villain is. I will have to do some serious thinking about this.
    It may be invisible and evil!
    Send your Drama Llama on a trip. Create an innocuous treasure hunt, since it is obviously trying to ensnare the treasure of your creativity.

  3. My life has gotten WAYYYYYYY too serious for my liking. Maybe its a sneaky snake…not sure what made me say that..LOL

  4. You have a way with words. I’m still giggling about the ugly ungulate. How about some drama llama repellent?