The Squid Of Second Guesses (a coloring book page)

May 02

It's A Flourish!

Yes, I’m breaking my long silence to bring you a near random absurdity:  The Squid of Second Guessing.


How’d we end up here? What’s it all mean?

What is it, exactly, that the Squid is second-guessing?

And what are you supposed to do with this?

Good questions.

I’m wondering that myself.

Unfortunately, I have to dash off for a memorial service today, followed by a 91st birthday dinner, so I’m a bit too flustered and see-saw-ish to make sense of it all.

But know what I’d love to come back to, tomorrow? A bunch of squidish speculations in the comment section! In fact, if you’d like to answer those questions yourself, name the squid, or make up your own mini Tales of the Squid, that’d be awesome!

Or you can download the squid, print it out, and color/paint/bead/sequin it to your heart’s content.  And I’d love love love it if you’d link to that in the comments, too! Squid of Second Guessing: The Printable Version

But whatever you decide to do, or not do?

No second guesses allowed!

Squidly said so.

It's Another Flourish!

UPDATE: Some folks reported problems downloading the larger image, so here it is again:
Squid of Second Guessing: The Printable Version

(and Squidly still says so!)


  1. I am a terrible second guesser. I waiver back and forth until I choose to do neither thing or pick one and end up totally regretting the choice I made. Which least to more wavering & second guessing on the next choice to be made. I’ve learned to not trust myself, to believe that whatever I choose will ultimately prove wrong. I almost never spend money on programs or classes that could help me & my biz, because I’m convinced I’ll choose the wrong thing and it will be a waste of money. I can’t stand wasting. It leads to a lot of standing still and nothing happening. Yuck!

    At the same time I realize that if I listen to my gut instead of my brain and checkbook, I can make perfectly good decisions and that I need to look for the useful bits of a thing instead of decided before hand that it won’t help me.

    Also the Squid of Second Guessing causes the song King of Wishful thinking to run through my head. I think it might be his theme song.

    • Tori Deaux /

      Oh, we could TOTALLY rewrite those lyrics for the Squid… “I’ll make a choice, I know I will… and then I’ll pretend to make another. I’ll be the Squid of Second Guessing!”

      Of course, we’d have to decide on the lyrics, which might be a problem 😉

  2. The Squid of Second Guessing gets me in a stranglehold sometimes. Gasping for my last breath of hope, I have to take my sword (I’m a princess warrior, you know) and start cutting off tentacles one by one to free myself from doubt and fear.

    • Tori Deaux /

      Awesome, Princess Warrior Christy! And thanks so much for sharing your squid page.

      Hey, I hear rumors that you’re a Star Wars fan… do light saber’s work underwater?

      • According to Wookieepedia:
        “While most lightsabers shorted out when the blade touches water, this blade was made to operate underwater due to two crystals employed in a bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse. Generally only Jedi from aquatic races would go to the trouble of constructing a waterproof saber, as only they had the mobility to use it effectively underwater.” (Yeah, I know, what a geek, huh?)