Guess Whose Site Is Up For Finalist In The Tasty Brand Awards?

Jan 14

It's A Flourish!
Well? Have you guessed yet?

Hint: Her brand is flavored with popcorn and cotton candy,
with just a wiff of  wild animals, calmed by meditation…

<cue the trumpet flourishes>

That’s right, it’s Tori Deaux & Circus Serene!

Tastiest Small Biz Brand Award

And guess who gets to vote for the finalists?
You do! (YAY!)

Here’s what to do:

Just hop over to Tea Sylvester’s site, The and vote for your favorite – which, of course, would be me.

This? It's Emmit. And yes, he objects to being called an It.Unless it’s not, which is totally ok, too…  it’s just…

Well…  if you vote for someone else? There’s always a chance that Emmit may somewhat threateningly visit your dreams with seltzer bottles and shaving cream pies.

I know I should be in better control of my business plan than that, but I’m not really seeing the point in reining him in this time, you know?  But if you have any problems, just send me the dry cleaning bill for your bed linens and proof of your *corrected* vote, and it’s all good!

It's Another Flourish!

While you’re over at The Word Chef, make sure you check out the rest of the site.  It belongs to Tea Sylvestre, who is rapidly moving to the top of my recommended reading list for quirkipreneurs.  And, honestly? I’m glad she’s hosting the contest, rather than competing, because her own brand is pretty darn yummy.

Even her name is yummy, Tea… Tea. I always picture her as a pomegranate green tea, with just a touch of honey, served in a silver tea set…  Of course her last name isn’t Silver, but Sylvestre, and her first name isn’t pronounced Tea, but Tay-yah… wait.. maybe it’s Ti-ah? Oh bother, I’ve mucked it up again, haven’t I’?  Anyway, Tea is a branding/marketing experty type, and very good at explaining things in unique, creative ways that let you master the concepts without shifting out of your quirky-right-side-thought processes.

That’s an approach that we’re a big fan of around here, you know.

It's Another Flourish!

Since I’m on the topic of branding, it’s time to review the brand thing around here, so expect a few posts (and reposts) next week about the origins and future of the Circus Serene, and how it will differ from the new Quirkipreneurs site.

Now, back to our scheduled programming…. after you go vote, of course! Here’s that link again, so you can’t claim you lost it:

Tastiest Small Biz Brand Award
The Let The Voting Begin!

P.S. As usual, I’m a little slow out of the starting gate (um… voting started like 2 weeks ago) so we have to play a little catchup here, and there’s some stiff competition… (Yes, I’m looking at YOU, Ms Catherine Caine!) so your vote for the circus is really, really needed.

P.P.S. A vote for the Circus Serene is like a vote for everyone’s happy place! Except, of course, for people who are afraid of clowns, who probably have a clown free happy place.

P.P.P.S. Please tell Tea I sent you, because she totally rocks and I am totally sucking up.

It's Another Flourish!


  1. Tea Silvestre /

    Loved this! Thank you for the yummy props, too. You’re definitely more than worthy of the honor. Good luck!

  2. I voted for you!