Let’s go Quirky Holiday SHOPPING!

Dec 10

Yes, yes, I know. Rampant consumerism. Launch overload.  Mega ads and high pressure sales and I should be encouraging you not to spend money and focus on the meaning of the season but but but…


And I can’t help it – I lurve stuff.  And shopping. Most of all I love shopping for STUFF!

So pick up your stuff-baskets (but leave your credit cards behind so you aren’t tempted to go overboard) and let’s see what’s available out there today that’s more awesome-than-a-possum:

OH! Lookie here…
how sweet is this?

Over the River and Through the Woods:   A Map for Making it Through the Holidays

Tina Robbins of OpenRoadsCoaching has put together a loverly little guide to surviving the holidays – and at $10, picking it up won’t stress your budget, either. It’s a mix of easy-to-follow tips about stress (stuff I usually forget) and easy-to-handle worksheets – plus some just ADORABLE illustrations that I just … oh, wait.. I drew them. Well, ok, no WONDER I like ‘em! Please consider this my disclaimer that I participated in creating this little bit of friendly shiny, but I’ve already been paid so I won’t make anything extra if you buy it.  But you should. Because it’s cute, and unstressful, and stuff!

And did I mention it’s only $10? And that you can upgrade and get an audio for another $5? Or get a whole 30minutes stress-melting session with Tina for just $39, which is a heck of a deal?

So go. Check it out. It’s $10 for gawd’s sake, which shouldn’t stress you or your budget too much. Print it out and give it to your mother in law, and hope she’ll take the hint to turn down the stress a notch or twelve.

Ohhh and before we check out, here’s a gift from Tina… a *free* Grinch Jar download, which may just be the cutest stress-tool ever.

Why, just thinking about it made my heart grow two sizes!

Ok, moving on, moving on…

It’s Emmit’s Mug, on a Mug!

It’s Emmit-The-Bizplan’s declaration of lurve for us all, on a mug! Now we can wake up to a shot of quirkification with our coffee.  And he’s thought of all budgets, too… there’s a keychain for $3 and change, or cute square button for a little over 2 bucks. Either one would be a perfect stocking stuffer for the Quirkipreneur in your life.  Or for yourself.  Or for your Great Aunt Edna. Yes, she’ll look at you like you’re crazy, but isn’t that the fun of it?

And if you’re in a calmer, gentler mood? There’s always this lovely winterscene mug, fancied up with the illustration from Tina’s eBook above – it’s just perfect for a cuppa calming or cider. Hey, we could pick up both the mug AND Tina’s eBook… it’d make a perfect gift set, wouldn’t it?

And yes, I get a wee bit of Christmas Cash for Emmit’s piggy bank if you buy these.  Like a whole sixty cents or a buck fifty or something like that.  WHOO HOOOO!! Why, I’ll be part of the 1% in no time! Who said art doesn’t pay?

Oh careful, don’t chip the mugs throwing them in the cart… that’s right, cushion them with the tinsel rope.  (Do you really think we need 80 feet of that stuff? Yes? Well, ok then.)

Ok, what’s next?
A SALE! It’s a SALE!


You know Jen Lee, right? I mean, she’s practically FAMOUSE.  (Don’t mind the gratuitous E I added to famouse. I just thought she’d look cute in mouse ears. I’d draw them on her, but I haven’t got time because we’re too busy with our Xmas shopping to be fooling around with such nonsense.)

Just in case you live under a snow-covered rock, I’m talking about Jennifer Lee, authoress of the Right Brain Business Plan book, ecourse, and kit.  And for the holidays? she’s put pretty much everything she does ON SALE.

Ok, Probably not everything is on sale. Like, her coaching isn’t on sale. And I think one of the licensing programs sold out while I was procrastinating about this post.

But it’s close enough to everything to make most of us REALLY really happy. For instance, you can get a signed copy of the book for 20% off, or 30% off on the RBBP kit, or 20% off on the home study course (Which totally rocks and you totally need it) or a full 50% (Fifty PERCENT!) off on the RBBP Summit, which is the ONLY video summit I’ve ever managed to watch all of, and wanted to go back and watch again. THERE IS SO MUCH WANTAGE HERE!!!

Ok, with all of those exclamation marks, I need a big fat dose of disclosure.  Those are, indeed, affiliate links.  And I do appear in the RBBP book. And on the summit. And Jenn IS Emmit’s very own Godmother.  Point is,  I’m not exactly impartial here.  So when I tell you to throw one of EVERYTHING into the cart? Yeah. You should probably take that with a grain of salt.  Just throw HALF of everything in the cart, ok?

And in case you missed the multiple in-your-face linkage I did aboveabove, here it is again: Link to discounts on RBBP stuff & more.

Ok. The cart is full, and it’s time to take a break for cocoa and cookies. And yes, you can go have your picture taken with Santa, if you want.  I’ll wait here.

Hey, be sure and tell him I’m still waiting for the Chupacabra I asked for last year.  It never arrived… I suspect it chewed it’s way out of the sleigh, tumbled to the ground and is somewhere in Nova Scotia, feeling lost and alone.

Either that, or it’s out terrorizing penguins.

P.S. I have no affiliation with any Chupacabra resellers, and cannot be held responsible for damages to goats, goat herds, or goat herders.

P.P.S. More shopping next week, plus links to awesome-zen-possum free pressies that other Quirkipreneurs are offering.

P.P.P.S. While going *actual* Christmas shopping yesterday, I found a real bargain on a Christmas Cold, with a free bonus red nose.  I feel so festive. And sniffly.   This of course,  proves the advantages of virtual shopping trips like this one. You’re welcome!