Today’s Forecast: Brief Delays With An 80% Chance Of Cusswords

Nov 05

So, earlier this week, I wrote briefly about the soon-to-be-launched community site for quirkipreneurs, and said: “With any luck, we’ll be moving into the live beta by Friday”

Well, Luck abandoned me for some hot dude in a firefighter’s uniform. Turns out?  The software platform I’ve been working with simply isn’t suitable my long-term plans, and I wasted a lot of time over the past few days trying to find workarounds (I’m stubborn. I was sure I could *force* it to be suitable) Thus, the delay, and the cussing.

Apparently, I need to start over with new, persnickety software.  Dammit.

But instead of making you wait another 4-6 weeks for your discussion area, I’m settling.  On Tuesday, I’m going ahead with the beta on the current platform.  You’ll get a taste of what the future holds, have a private space for getting input from the community for your own projects, and we can work together on the development of the full site that’s in the plans.

Why Tuesday? Because it’s my birthday weekend (Yay! I’m 29! Again!) so I have prior obligations that will keep me away from the computer. And launching a beta program when I’d have to leave Emmit in charge doesn’t seem like a good idea, does it?

So check back on Tuesday, will ya?  And who knows… Maybe Lady Luck and her new boy toy will drop back by for a visit.Lady Luck & Her New Boy Toy

Image by Scott Griessel of Creatista, who made this available via Dreamstime’s stock images, a lovely company which I still haven’t gotten around to signing up for as an affiliate. Go figure.

It's Another Flourish!


  1. Marie A /

    And I thought I was the only one two-timed by Luck, especially Computer Luck! Yet somehow your woes don’t make me feel better.

    Maybe you should make some hot chocolate. Luck might like it and you will feel better. Don’t forget the miniature marshmallows!

  2. Tori Deaux /

    Yay, Hot Chocolate! With marshmellows and… a shot or two of booze, perhaps? I think I have some Irish Cream in there… that’d work, right?