Totems! Plus A Sneak Peek At The New Community Site

Oct 31

It's A Flourish!

It’s all Hallow’s Eve (Boo!)
And we have new Totems!

Honey FirePurr Purr

Rachel. The Anteater.Shiny! Magnus The Magpie

This totem set belongs to Birdy Diamond’s An Encouraging Bird,
Kimiko Alexander’s Gifted-Reader, Eileen Valazza’s Love & Greens
and Birdy & Mike’s TwOOwls Art.

You can check out their stories on the Totem Pole – Make sure you click through to previous poles to see the rest of the totems and their owners.  And yes, I’m working out details of how to make this an ongoing project, so stay tuned!

Also? We (almost!) have a community site!

I’ve been fussing away with the new software & organization for over a month now, and I think I’ve got it figured out.  We will have a free sneak peek period, and then discounted charter memberships will be available (with benefits!) so make sure you stay tuned.  I know I’ve been quiet lately, but when this starts happening, the momentum is going to be fast and furious, so don’t forget to check back for the sign up details!

Here’s a screen shot:


With any luck, we’ll be moving into the live beta by Friday. Plans include a shop of recommended and member curated roducts,  quirky business building exercises, afternoons at the circus,  live chats, a flea market and much, much more.  Not everything will be in place on Friday, but soon!

Ok, that’s all for now.

If you bought too much Halloween candy, try not to overdose on the stuff,  and for those of you participating in NaNoWriMo, sharpen those pencils and make sure you keep the Frebreze handy! (You’re gonna need it once you start obsessing.)  Me? I’m swearing off the November writing madness this year. No, really.  Maybe.  Shhh.

It's Another Flourish!

P.S.  Yes, the forums and group will be private, so your working-through-issues won’t get searchable by teh Googlez.  The shop, blog and a few other bits will be public, of course, because otherwise it’d just be silly!

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  1. I’m sooo excited! I can’t wait to see it.