Gossip Drama Soup Illustrated: The Sheep Edition

Sep 10

Fleece me like you MEAN it, Baby!!

It's A Flourish!


And that’s all that needs to be said, right?

Unless of course you’d like to leave a comment.
Which would be  just awesome-possum.

It's Another Flourish!


  1. I think it most elegantly sums things up indeed! 🙂 :>

    We have the right to our own beliefs.
    We have the right to be unique.
    We have the right to look at the world in our own special way, thank you most kindly! :>

    And while it makes me wonder a bit less, being to my mind more straight-forward & easily understood than the bit of lovely & delicious dichotomy you posted last time, this is far from a bad thing. :>

    Thank you most kindly for the beauty! 🙂 :>

    • Tori Deaux /

      It’s funny that you find this one more straight forward… to me, the sheep is a lot more tongue-in-cheek and multilayered. But it’s all about perception!

  2. You forgot to add, “And no one can pull the wool over my eyes. You can ‘count on’ that.”