Totem Post #5!

Aug 31

Check it out… four more Totems for your viewing pleasure, and four more incredible, quirky businesses to explore!

These lovely, cuddly, clever beasties were drawn for:

How awesome are these folks?
(Pretty darn awesome, I’m tellin’ ya)
This almost closes out phase one of the totems – I’m just waiting for a few final questionnaires to trickle in.

I’m (rather obviously) having to totally rework what I’d originally planned for phase two, since it’s clear I can only reasonably produce 1-2 of these a week without dropping nearly everything else.  It’s such a strange thing to me, the down-time I need from doing these, and I’m still surprised at how the time  the technical aspects can take.  So I’ll be doing some heavy brainstorming this week – we’ll see what I come up with.  Have any grand, visionary ideas for this project that you’d like to share? (whether you think I can do them or not?)

And if you haven’t explored the previous totem poles, be sure to click through to them..  There are some really lovely people and services in the community.

It's Another Flourish!