Totem Ketchup! The Second Pole

Aug 08

Since I didn’t ketchup over the weekend, you get your ketchup on Monday, this week.  And it’s a limited, brief ketchup, just dealing with Totems!

After a wee struggle with some tech issues, we’ve got a brand new way of displaying the totems & poles, and four new totems in the menagerie. Click on them to go to the pole, and read their messages:

The Fashion FeefsterDragonfly Effect

These clever beasties are for:

SpiralSong Kat’s
Spiral Song Creative Arts

Nicole Fende’s
Peak Performance Profit Coaching

Jennifer “Scraps” Walker’s new hub
Jennifer Walker Online

Simone Bernhard’s
Chapeaux by Simone

Check them out.
We have such an incredibly diverse community!

As the menagerie totem pole  continues to evolve,  it’s starting to feel like the art-work-in-progress that I’d envisioned.  I think when I’m done, I may go back and pretty up that first pole, too. It looks almost dull, compared to how the second one developed.

Mor soon! (as the sign says)….
and don’t forget to scroll through to see the first pole’s totems and tales.

It's Another Flourish!


  1. Woooooooo! J’aime bien FiFi! Thanks sweetie.

  2. Tori Deaux /

    @Simone: De Rien!I wonder if the hat I did for your earlier image would fit her?

  3. Thank you so much, Tori — I absolutely love my totem. It goes straight to the heart of the things that matter most to me. And did you know that my favorite guitar has dragonflies on it?! *delighted shiver*

    Let me know if you’d like an endorsement whenever you open up the next round of totems, because I’d be happy to give you one!

    • Tori Deaux /

      I’m so glad, Kathleen! I’d hoped I’d really captured the right spirit for you, and how very cool about the guitar! Perfect!