It’s A Strange Day, And Then There Were Totems!

Aug 15

The brain has not been cooperating this week, and this morning? Yeah. It’s threatening to explode in a fit of dandelion fluff.  I’d draw you an illustration of what that feels like but, well, the artistic ability of a fluff brain is fairly limited.

But if you are missing my ramblings? Never fear! I wrote a guest post for Jade Craven’s LaunchWatch – it’s all about what I learned from launching my totem promotion, and you can find it here:

5 Lessons From A Launch That Went Wrong
(In All The Right Ways

And yes! The totem poles continue to sprout up like … well… totem poles. Here are the latest:

The Flying Barrel of MonkeySkittles: A Rainbow of Paradise

Make sure you go and check out their owners –

If you’re still waiting for your totem? I’m hoping to have them all completed this week (But it may be next week, if the brain keeps exploding into fluff).

I’ve also started work on a guide to help the menagerie totems more than just cute little drawings; it will be full of exercises to  show you how to turn a totem/mascot into an actionable metaphor.  I’m shooting for a release date of September 15th (and maybe some sneak peaks a bit sooner, fluff-brain allowing)

Questions, thoughts, vague encouragements and fluff-brain remedies welcome! Especially welcome, anything you’d would specifically like to know about totems, mascots and metaphors.

It's Another Flourish!


  1. I’ll try not to sneeze around you while you have fluff-brain. BTW, exploding fluff probably doesn’t do much for the creativity of the dandelion, but it does wonders for the imagination of the childlike soul who blows on it. *achew* (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

  2. This summer my now 3 year old discovered that you can blow on dandelions and watch the fluff fly. Watching her run from dandelion to dandelion, giggling and blowing was a blast. (Even though I had to ignore that part of my brain saying, now they’ll be even more weeds next year).

    I’m pretty sure there’s a message here. Hopefully its a useful one.

  3. Speaking of metaphors, when you started to say, “sprout up like … well,” I thought you were going to complete the simile with the word “weeds.” Then you would have had the whole yard analogy going: you, a dandelion, in the midst of all the other weeds…