Weekend Ketchup: #2 of 57 Varieties

Jul 17

image The Ketchups are my newly revived, maybe-weekly ritual, a fret-free way to assure that I post once a week, even if it’s not pure awesome-sauce. If you’d like to play along, just add your ketchup (or a link to it) in the condiment section below.  And yes, this is loosely based on Havi’s Friday Chickens, except it’s Ketchup.  And yes, she’s fine with it. (She even linked to my very first ketchup experiment in 2009. Which only went for one week. So I’ve already surpassed myself… yay!)

So. This Week? Realizations?
Don’t remember them.

I know I had some, but they’ve vanished, so I think I’ll just whine, for a moment.  Wine may not be an ingredient in your ketchup recipe, but it’s in mine, because I said so.


I’ve been frustrated with tech issues that kept me from finishing my project. I’ve been frustrated by heat, and not feeling well because of heat, and fretting over keeping Circus Dog in the house so she can’t run off again.  I twisted my ankle, tore up my other foot with a thorny vine, there are critters in the attic (CRITTERS!) and I’m just feeling all around grumpy now, so let’s move on, shall we?

The Fun.

I’m still really enjoying Google+.  Also enjoying messing around with Spotify (a UK social music service just released in the US), although I’m also eager to see what the Pandora (another streaming music service) update will do.  But I have to be careful with it – music can totally transport me, and I have trouble focusing if I listen for long.

Also, I have this new really odd fascination with white-girl-dreadlocks. Crazy, right? But it’s so cute on Crystal Bowersox, the way she leaves the front part free so it can be styled. And while others in my online networks  are dyeing their hair pink, or shaving their heads, or getting tattoos as  declarations of identity and commitment? This somehow really fits me.   Maybe I could start with some braids, or tuck in natural hair pieces, to experiment with the general look, without the commitment – because it is a commitment. Dreads have to be cut out, and with my hair currently down to my waist, that’d be one big sacrifice.  Yipes!

As for what triggered the dreadlocks idea? It was this amazing video found through (where else) Google+, and it neatly combines all of this weeks awesome.  (Make sure you give it a chance, he is on fire about midway through this track)

Pure. Awesome. Seriously.

I’m Also Supposed To Record Accomplishments…

But I’m feeling lazy.  And really don’t want to jot it all down just now.  Oh! One thing I am wanting to do?  Some regular rituals, to help mark the passing of time and keep me more connected to the world.  I did have a minor realization about that – a lot of people seem to being doing a version what Jennifer Lee calls “self-care Friday”, a way to unwind and decompress at the end of the week.  But that hasn’t felt right to me, and I’ve realized that some sort of “Indulgent Monday” suits me better… decompressing at the *start* of the week.  So, we’ll see how that goes tomorrow, then!

And Oh, Yes, The Mysterious Totem Project!

The tech issues involved have been amazingly annoying, leading to yet another delay.  But I think I have them worked out, and the only thing left is either sorting out the last issue with MailChimp, or giving up and just handling the mail manually.  Either way, you WILL get to see what this has all been about, this week.  End of story. Or beginning of story. Or maybe it’s intermission?

Ketchup. Also, Mustard, for variety.

Now, I Have To Go Make A Grocery List.

How very, very mundane.
Ketchup will be on it.
Sadly, Chupacabra Chow will not.  (My ongoing fascination with chupacabras isn’t yet documented on the blog, but I keep pestering Mr.Spouse to buy me one as a pet. He’s not being particularly open to the idea.)

How did your week turn out?
No chupacabras for you, either, I presume?


  1. Looking back over last week’s lists it looks like I got a heckuva lot done! And I managed to stick to my exercise intentions.

    This leads me to expect a less than stellar week upcoming (one on, one off seems to be my norm) but I’m still hopeful for some significant accomplishments!

  2. Nope, not a one.

    I’m good with that, however. 😀 :>