The First Totems Are In Place!

Jul 26


You can discover their stories & owners here:

Community Menagerie In Progress!


It's Another Flourish!

Remember, these particular totems aren’t meant to be  personal spiritual totems, but to serve as representations of  our relationships to the larger creative community of  our right people, peers, cohorts and competition, so keep that in mind when contemplating their messages! It’s meant to be fun, not deeply revealing about the person themselves.  Because I wouldn’t do that to you!

(Other options will be available later. Remember, this is just the promo!)

And yes, for those who have asked — you’ll be able to use the images on your weblogs/sidebars…. I’m releasing them under a Creative Commons license, so you can do what you like so long as you don’t resell the image, use it as a logo, etc.  (You can always contact me to ask for permission, if you’re unsure)

Also?  If you’re procrastinating about signing up, don’t!

I may need to (at least temporarily) close signups very soon, so I don’t get too far behind.   There are currently 20+ totems in the queue!

You can still sign up here, at least through the end of today:  Got Your Spot?

*Sad Face*
Due to unexpectedly high demand
and a rockin’ backlog,

The Menagerie Totems aren’t currently available.
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You can also contact Tori with any questions.

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