First, Second & Third Things: Totemic Updates!

Jul 28

First Things First! Two more Totems have been added to the Menagerie! They belong to Gordon Remey and ShivaMonster, and I had a lot of exploring both sites (stage magic and Shiva Nata.. does it get any better?) Click on the images below to see all 5 that have been completed.

Harrot = Hare + Carrot

(the three previous totems belong to Christy Bower, Taryn Blake and RainbowSpiritGoddess.  How cool are they?)

Second Things Second: The first-round of Totems are, sadly, sold out while I dig myself out from under 20+ orders in 36 hours.  That 20 sold didn’t surprise me, but the timing? Yeah. That seriously surprised me. I had to close the offer way early, for fear that I’d be making people wait months for delivery!

So if you missed out, my sincere apologies, and I’ll find a way to make these available again.  To stay updated, I actually created a list.  (I know, don’t faint)

Here’s the Signup Form

Third things third: If were one of the lucky few who got in on the deal, please be patient –  It will probably be 2-3 weeks before I get them all done. And there may be a gap in releasing them for a few days, while I work out a bug in the display process.

And Finally? I’m off to jot out a quick post for you entitled “5 Launch Lessons Learned Before Lunch”, then grab lunch while lamenting that there are no numbers that start with the letter “L”.

See you after the writing!
(and the lunch)

Love & Popcorn,
Tori Deaux

It's Another Flourish!


  1. None unless you consider the Roman numeral L (50) 🙂

    So glad I got in when I did–patiently (no, really, I swear) waiting for my totem 🙂

  2. No numbers that start with L? How about “lotsa”?
    “Lotsa Launch Lessons Learned before Lunch” 😉

  3. Hey Tori – what about ‘leven? (Hey math geeks aren’t required to spell!)

    Seriously I am soooo happy I made it in. I’ll try to pretend I’m patient 🙂

  4. Tori Deaux /

    ‘Leventy Lessons for Lotsa of Launches (to the power of L!)

    (and soon, dahlings, soon. I’m following the timestamps on the orders, so … 🙂 )