Of Woo, Fear-Facing, & Action Plans: Live Blogging Session, coming Soon!

May 24

A Whole Lotta Nothing Remember About a Week Ago?

You know, when I wrote about Woo, and I promised to move past my fear of it, and do this really cool thing I wanted to do here?

Remember how I told you to watch the blog carefully for a few days, because there was a time element involved? And remember how NOTHING HAPPENED?

Now, Fast Forward to Today..

As you know (or don’t know, because I always forget to promote it), every Monday, I host a chat on Twitter, via the hashtag #Emmit. And each week, a marvelous group of Quirkipreneurs gather to discuss right-brained, boundary-expanding approaches to typical business tasks and topics. (It’s turned out to be a mind-blowingly effective testing ground for new stuff. You should check it out. But not now, because it won’t happen again till next Monday.)

Yesterday’s chat? Yeah. It was one of the mind-blowing ones for me. See, I forgot about it until the last minute, so I had to pick a topic on the fly.

“Fear…” I thought. “There’s been some talk going on about fear and business lately… ok, let’s talk about that. Whew, topic found!”

So everyone showed up, and we started chatting about our fears, and I made up questions about them as we went.  We talked about  fears of not being able to complete anything, and no one showing up for a launch, fears of no one wanting our stuff, and never being able to make a living at what we really want to do.

There was also some discussion about different ways to deal with those fears – push through it bravely, resolve a related inner issue, or cheating our way past a fear (It’s a business we’re trying to run, after all, not a therapy session)

Caution! Fear Ahead! And Me? Yeah.  I Got Fears.

My biggest business fear is that I won’t be able to deliver on my products & promises,  that they won’t live up to the potential in my head, that I’ll flake out and won’t follow through with ongoing support consistently.  There’s a reality behind the fear, too… my brain stops cooperating from time to time, making the follow-thru part a reasonable concern.

And though I didn’t talk about it in chat, that fear is most of why I didn’t get the woo-ish thing I promised put out into the world, last week.  I’m afraid I won’t follow through well-enough, so I make sure I don’t have the chance to follow through at all.

How Crazy Is That? Sheesh!

Being a good little chat leader, after we finished commiserating about our fears,I asked:

“What’s one thing you can do TODAY…
one little action step.. that might help with that fear?”

My answer? Write out a clear plan & calendar for my next small launchy-sprout thing. With as much as possible done in advance. And a clear, step by step action plan.

Ok, so… I did that, right?

Um. No. But I’m going to!

image I’m Gonna Plan A Path Around The Fear!

And I’m going to do it here, and now.

I’m going to live blog the planning.

Then tomorrow? I’m going to live blog the *doing*.

And then?

Then you get the chance to be a part of a fun, cool, thing.

So the next time you hear from me (which I hope will be right after my afternoon snack!) I’ll be writing out the plan here on the blog, hitting “Update” every step of the way. Oh, and I’ll try and keep you updated on Twitter, too.

Sound good? As soon as the live-blog link is available, I’ll post it here,  and on Twitter.  Stay tuned, please… this Fear-Facing* thing IS a wee-bit skeery.

Feel free to do cheerleading in the comment section, if you like.  Or we can talk about your fears in business, because your fears are a whole lot less scary to me than mine! 😉

*Fear-Facing inspired in part by
AlexiaPetrakos & her flying monkeys.


  1. If you find the secret to overcoming fears let me know…because I have one I have to tackle pretty soon.