Popcorn Calm: Two Hot Buttered Resources for Friday Self-care (On A Sunday)

Mar 06

Git Your Popcorn! Hot Fresh Giant Popcorn! On Friday, I’d planned to publish an interview with Jennifer Lee about her just released Right Brained Business Plan Book (did I mention I’m in it? Oh, only about a thousand times? Ok!) but things got a bit busy for both of us, so we’ve saving that glorious bit of wonder for later.

Instead, I decided to work with another tip I learned from her, “Self-Care Fridays”.  See, Jenn’s  dedicates her Fridays to self-nurturing and fun, restorative & restful activities that help her recover from a hectic week.  So in lieu of her interview, I gathered up two of my favorite quick and easily available resources for “Self-Care Fridays”.

These work great for what I call “popcorn calm”, instant, simple, and stress free ways of injecting some relaxation into my day.

Of course, by the time this hits the blog, it won’t be Self-Care Friday anymore, but Saturday or Sunday. We aren’t so good with calendars here, so try not to stress – there’s no reason to limit self-care to one day a week, you know. Just toss some extra butter on the popcorn, toss down a bite or two of calm, and everything will be ok. Promise!

So here we go:

Remembering Through Resonance by Fabeku FatunmiseResource One:

Fabeku Fatamise’s Fabulous Singing Bowl Sunshine Goodness Stuff.

That’s not what he calls it but it’s what I call it. And since it’s my blog, I win!  But anyway…

I’ve been crushing on Fabeku’s sound-bite goodness and blog since for-ev-ah, and I’ve been meaning to recommend his “Don’t Lose Your Shit Kit” for months. Now *sob* it’s too late – he’s temporarily pulled it off the market so it could go on vacation.


All is not lost!

He still has this incredible downloadable CD, Remembering Resonance, available.  It has three awesome singing bowl tracks that never fail to relax and calm me (which is not an easy job, let me tell ya).  And if you’re not sure that the singing bowls are quite your thing? He’s got free download tracks available, too. You can find them and an explanation of what they’re all about here: Sound Shifts Stuff: free sacred sound download.

So. That’s Fabeku, and his sound shifting fabulousness, which totally suits the whole popcorn calm concept.. You can find him on Twitter as @Fabeku, and don’t miss his blog. It’s clever, inspiring and … well, just don’t miss it.

And for those of you who care about such stuff, I’m not an affiliate.  Though I totally would be, if he’d offer the option!

Meditation MP3 - Guided Meditations for Busy People (Complete album)Resource Two:

Anything from Bohdipaksa and WildMind.org, but especially Guided Meditations for Busy People.

You know how I said that I’d been crushing on Fabeku forever? I really meant “about 10 months” which is when I discovered him.

On the other hand, I’ve been crushing on Bodhipaksa for nearly ten years. Ok, it’s probably more like 8 years, which is still about 400 lifetimes in internet time (I told you I’m not so good with calendars!).  But whenever I first virtually “met” him, his Wildmind website was and is really ground breaking when it comes to online meditation support; the material remains absolutely top-notch.

Now, normally? I don’t consider Buddhist meditation an example of “Popcorn Calm”; in the learning stages, it can actually be quite stressful and frustrating to learn. But the Guided Meditations for Busy People tracks are short, simple, and don’t require a great amount of discipline, so I’ve found they work well even when used sporadically.  They’re available as an downloadable individual tracks (they’re the final choices on the page) an MP3 Album or  a physical CD, so pick your popcorn and get on with the calm!

And if you aren’t an expert in meditation, I highly recommend Wildmind’s free Meditation Posture Workshop before you begin. It solved several issues for me.  There are tons of other valuable free resources and guided meditations on the site, so when you have time? Wander. Discover. Explore.  You can follow Bodhipaksa on Twitter at @Bodhipaksa, check out his personal blog at  bodhi tree swaying, and find his books, CDs and audio books on Amazon, Audible, and multiple other places.  And no, I’m not an affiliate.  But again, only because he doesn’t currently offer the option!

Hot. Fresh. Buttered! (I could almost be describing Emmit, don't you think?)

So there you have it.

Popcorn calm resources for quick and easy de-stressing relaxation in audio form.  Check them out. Let me know what you think.  Leave links to other popcorn calm audio resources in the comments…  And don’t forget the extra butter!

Spelling Disclaimer: It’s almost a certainty that I misspelled one of these gentlemen’s names at least once.   5 hours of sleep and fabulously exotic spiritual names do not apparently mix well in my brain.  So my apologies, should that have happened.

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  1. I don’t do “calm” very well. But I do “fun”.We just got a Kinect. Not sure how to share without making that plug. We bought a kids game that allows me to race cars and another one that has “adventures”. Both are totally fun!
    But I did listen to Fabeku’s free drumming clip and have been totally focussed all morning…. after listening and seeing you and Emmit on Jennifer Lee’s Webinar. You rocked girl!