Some Habit Habitat Progress, Plus An #Emmit Round-Up!

Dec 13

750 Words of Steel Clad Productivity: Habit Habitats Mean Happy Monsters!Two quick things, today. First up?

A Steel-Reinforced Habit-Habitat Update.

You remember my crisis with the Monster-Counsel, and the steel reinforced Habit Habitat they wanted me to build? No?

Well, it’s all in those links, but here’s a quick refresher: While trying to assess my entrepreneurial limits, I discovered a big nest of metaphorical mental monsters, who were absolutely terrified I was going to disturb Mr.Spouse with requests for help for my business.

Or by just breathing.

After a bit of monster whispering, I discovered that the core fear was actually about lost productivity. Being exposed to a Disturbed Spouse tends to disrupt my productivity, sometimes drastically.  So the monsters were trying to protect my productivity by keeping me from “bothering” him. Which really isn’t a reasonable or possible way to share a house much less maintain a marriage.  I told them something needed to change.

So the monsters held a secret, overnight consultation, and the next morning, presented me with a plan: a steel-reinforced habitat my productivity could live in.  That sounded awesome, even if I didn’t know what it might look like.

As of 9am this morning, I still had no idea what it would look like, with only the vaguest concept that I might want to resurrect a long neglected habit of morning report/check-ins/to-do lists.

But by 9:30am today, it was suddenly clear that the Monster Counsel had done a lot of subconscious architectural work. I inexplicably found myself on the 750words site, typing out a morning check-in chicken. The interesting bit is that I’ve had an account there for 2 months, and yet never typed a single word.

But there I was, typing. And I noticed that the format of 750words will naturally encourage daily reports, as well as check-ins through the day.  And should the world explode because of a Disturbed-Spouse? Well, I can use the 750words site as a touchstone back to productivity, a way to vent, recover my balance, and find my way back to being useful.

I’ll let you know how well it works.

Meanwhile, I’m totally fascinated the effectiveness of my Monster Counsel is, and how invisible the process is. I didn’t even know they were still working on this project, and then there I was, exploring a brand new Habit Habitat that seemed to pop into existence fully formed.It's A Flourish!

It's An Emmit Roundup! Creative Business Plans, Check In Here! Next? This bit is for #Emmit fans!

For the uninitiated, Emmit is my creative business plan.  He’s become a bit of a Twitter celebrity, and is inspiring other creative business plans. It’s weird, I know, but that’s how we roll at Circus Serene.

Anyway. Last Saturday’s mini-web-chat thing went totally wrong, with a number of technical glitches and a rather serious attack of self-consciousness that kept me from following my plan to share a ton of information.  Still, people seemed to have fun and everyone got to see that I wasn’t joking about Emmit having a clown nose and circus lights.  A few folks seem really inspired, and that makes the self-consciousness worthwhile, glitches and all.

I’ve been promised a new webcam from Santa, so we’ll try a wee teleclass thingy after the holidays, I think.  But for now, I wanted to offer a little more tangible, ongoing support for Emmit fans and their business plans.

So we’re going to do a weekly Emmit Roundup, here on the blog. Through January, at least, it’ll be a Monday routine; I’ll open a short post, and we’ll do a sort of check-in via the comments, sharing progress, struggles, links to photos of your plans, resources,  blog posts, whatever.   It’s a community thing, dig?

So hop down to the comments, and do your first Emmit progress report, aka, a round-up.  Just clamber into the Comment Corral… Yeehaw!

Ok, Comments! Yay, it’s time for Comments!

What I’d especially love is progress reports about your personal #emmits & creative business plans. Really. I mean it.  How’s it going? Any struggles, triumph’s, flashes of inspirations?  Share, please! I’ll jump in myself later this afternoon. (Emmit’s busy taking a nap right now)

Anything else you’d like to share? Sure. Just chime in. The Comment Corral is Open!


  1. Well THAT’s what a Habit Habitat looks like. Recently inspired by your monsters’ great idea, I’ve put in a mental request for a Disagreement-proof Small Me Transporter (with convenient carry handle and optional extension). I did suspect that the process would be subconscious from that point on, and your experience has backed that up. Reassuring, thank you. I’m so looking forward to the results!
    As for #Emmit – the business plan seems to be in construction right now. There’s a beautiful mental picture brewing. Thank you again for sharing it all!

  2. Ooh, I want a touchstone. I have thinks to be thought, now.

    And of course, progress to be made on #emmit. I’ve got the software up and running. And a title page that I’m good with. On to listening to the audio planning lesson. Wheeeeeee!

  3. Tori Deaux /

    So, I’m having a funky day, but I did make some more progress on Emmit! The web-party was a big motivator for me, and Sunday, I went out and bought some Moleskine Caheieres. They’ll slip into the giant pockets in Emmit’s book, and I can use them for notes and ideas, without messing up the “Look”.

    I’m kinda excited about that bit!

    @Meg, the subconscious process of the H.H. truly surprised me. I usually do a lot of that, but I’m normally *somewhat* aware it’s going on. This time? I had no clue, until I was just doing it. Wackiness.

    And I love the “Disagreement-proof Small Me Transporter (with convenient carry handle and optional extension)” concept. Can’t wait to see what THAT looks like!

    @Kathryn, the touchstone! Yes. It’s so important, and it’s so tough for me to find something that works, without someone else monitoring it. (Which isn’t working just now)I’m truly hopeful that 750Words might just do the trick – I love that I don’t have to “save” the file.

  4. Maureen /

    I went to 750 words. TOTALLY awesome. The arthritis in my right hand is getting to the point where I can’t hold a pen to even sign my name. I have over 50 journals tucked away in my house and have yet to find anything that works. I went right there and lo and behold he based it on Julia Cameron’s book YEAAHH. I promptly signed up for the January challenge.
    I’ve had some percolating going on in my brain about starting up with something. Not sure what. I went to get a copy of the business plan workbook. Paypal has deleted my ONLY credit card because I didn’t respond to their request to update. I thought it was spam. So not sure how I’m going to get the book. Hmm maybe Amazon