Are You A Quirkipreneur? (It’s The Next Big Thing)

Dec 03

It's an elephant! With a swirly head! Whoa.Today, the Monster Counsel is taking a break, and we’re putting the elephants back to work.  Why? We have a new tent that needs putting up.

A sideshow tent.

A special tent.

A *Quirky* tent.

It’s well situated on the carnival grounds, just across from the Sideshow Freaks, next to the  House of Mirrors, and it caters to a very special clientele, indeed.

No no, not the “special” clientele that frequents the  hoochie-coochie show. (What kind of place do you think I’m running here, anyway?).

I mean the REALLY special folks – the ones with dreams, and aspirations, talents, and… well.. quirks.

I call them Quirkipreneurs.

And I think you might just be one.

Why? Because you’re here, aren’t you? Listening to me? That in and of itself makes you more than a wee bit quirky, don’t you think? But yes, I can be more specific.

If this guy isn't quirky, I don't know what is!Quirkipreneurs are Creators of Awesome, Innovators of Imagination, Quirkfiers of the Extra-Ordinary, And….

Ok ok, enough of the Circus Barker act.

You’d be *amazed* how much energy that takes!


Quirkipreneurs are people like you and me, people who are building their lives,  careers, and businesses around our creative-differentness.

When people ask us what we do for a living, we cringe, because we really aren’t sure how to explain it.

The ordinary labels don’t fit us, and we don’t squish down well into boxes, either – random bits of stuffing and fluff always seem to be pushing through the seams.

Sure, we can be described as entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers, advertisers, Internet marketers, artists, graphic designers, small business owners and consultants, but … really? Really?

Those labels describe us about as well as ungulate describes a cow; accurate enough, but, it *so* misses the point, and could also describe a bison, boar, or rhino, so it’s a little misleading and vague.

Also, very awkward to pronounce.

But back to Quirkipreneurs.

A key trait to being on “Team Quirk” (as I like to put it) is that we seem to have to find our own paths to things, to invent our own ways of doing stuff, even if there are perfectly good and established ways of doing it, already in place

It’s not necessarily because we’re rebels, or non-conformists, or we enjoy breaking the mold, but because it’s just the way we are.

We try to follow the trails that other people have blazed, we consult maps and compasses, even watch endless travel videos, and yet… we don’t get anywhere that way.

Three days (or weeks, or months, or YEARS!) after embarking on our journey, we’re still standing in the same damn place, but perhaps a little more broke. Other people’s maps cost money, you know – and we buy a LOT of them. Even though they mostly get us more lost.

This one appears to have an electrical coil for a brain. Cool, huh?We need – NEED – to do it our own way.

To blaze our own trails.

To reinvent the wheel.

It’s our process, this reinventing thing. And it can create some totally awesome, wonderful, marvelous and successful things.

It looks pointless to outsiders, and it means we generally have a whole lot of partly built wheels lying around, but.. um…


I seem to have lost my point…

That’s another common trait among Quirkipreneurs… we’re often going in so many different directions, reinventing so many wheels, blazing so many paths, that once we finally do get moving, we get lost in all the options.

The possibilities of our visions are overwhelming, and the potential is of the OMG variety.

And it really IS an OMG sort of thing. Quirkipreneurs can (and have!) changed the world, many times over.

We’re awesome like that.

When we succeed (and we do, often in big ways), we don’t succeed in spite of our quirks.

We succeed because of our quirks.

It’s where our innovation comes from. Our creativity. our uniqueness. It’s what makes us different, standouts, special.  When we’re at our best, we’re less about overcoming our obstacles, more about exploiting them.

What a bright idea! He needs to be more energy efficient, though.We’re the Circus Freaks of the business world.  Some of the biggest draws on the Midway, yes, we get stared at, ogled, pointed and giggled at. Occasionally, we get pelted with tomatoes, but more often, we get envious, curious, engaged questions from the audience, people who wonder and marvel at what it must be like to be so talented, so different, so gifted, so quirky.

Unless we’re lucky enough to belong to some sort of Tradition of Ancestral Eccentricities, we’re usually pretty isolated and alone, in spite of the crowds that may gather around us.

Because we’re different.

And no matter how well-adjusted, no matter how spiritually evolved and self-aware we are? Being isolated and alone pretty much sucks.

Being isolated and alone, while you reinvent the wheel for the thousand+oneth time?

That really sucks.

I mean, you never know till you ask, right?

I think it’s time we stopped being alone.

I think it’s time to make it easier  to find each other, easier to discover the support and products and services  suited to our Quirky natures, easier to offer our support and products and services to others, easier to … well… easier to do a whole heck of a lot of things.

So I’m finally doing something about it.

I’m giving us a label, a keyword that marks us as distinct from all the other businesses out there, a term we can use that will help us find one another, carve out a unique place in the search engines and tags and… other stuff.

I’m declaring us Quirkipreneurs.

I’m also (hopefully) building a new website ( which will (also hopefully) make it easier to find one another, get support, share information, recommend products and services, and generally connect and get the word out to the world.

We need this.

*I* need this.

And I’m tired of waiting for someone else to build it, so… Yeah.

Quirkipreneurs is the new big tent around here, the one that my trusty Circus Elephants are busy putting up.

There will be a website. There will be product and service listings. And recommendations. And Facebookings. And maybe reviews, guest posts and a forum and… who knows.  There are all kinds of wheels we can reinvent, here!

I’m shooting for a Beta-launch around the first of February, and the Serious Work begins January 4th.

But for now? Just try the idea of being a Quirkipreneur on for size, see if you think it flatters your skin tone.

If you like it? Let me know in the comments. Think of it as a quirky little roll-call or something.

All together now... do the Quirk! It's a flashmob.And if you *aren’t* a Quirkipreneur, but your Right People are Quirkipreneurs? This is a Thing for you, too. Because we Quirksters need help from outsiders, sometimes, but it helps if the outsiders grok quirkiness, you know?

Interested in being a part of the project, contributing time, skills, encouraging me to do a kickstart project for proper financing, whatever?  Yeah.  Leave a comment too – I’m open to partnerships or joint ventures on this, and  I can TOTALLY use lots of help.

It’s a community thing, after all.

It's another flourish!

Oh. And there’s an RSS feed with an email option, so you can be kept up to date when there’s something new to know. Like when I have an actual mailing list and stuff.

You can sign up here:


  1. You GO! Utterly YESsss.

    I have referred to myself as a Quirk for a long time.
    In my nascent novel, the librarian calls her fave eccentrics the Library Quirks. Quirk is a noble designation. Preneurs–why not? Someone has to make a living around here.

    Yup, I’m right with you. Let me know how I can help.

    • Tori Deaux /

      Library Quirks! What a perfect description. Thanks so much for the encouragement, and I’ll be listing lots of ways to help once the ball gets rolling in January 🙂

  2. WOW – perfect, brilliant, amazing

    (in case I’m not being clear, I love the idea)

    and I have to say all of the permutations of the word entrepreneur have mostly annoyed me though I’m not sure why – but Quirkipreneur – perfect. absolutely perfect. and we do need to find each other and support each other and each other’s Things.



    • Tori Deaux /

      Yay! Thanks Andy 🙂

      Re: entrepreneur mashups, I think that’s part of why I’ve delayed on this. The name came to me, resonated, I started the plans, then I was afraid it would seem like just another -preneur word, and backed off.

      But somehow? I think the Quirki bit makes it just Quirky enough not to care.

      Or something like that 😉

  3. Feb. 1st! Perfect timing for CustomerLove! You ARE going to stop lurking, right? 🙂

    • Tori Deaux /

      Yes’m – I am participating in CustomerLove this next time; the timing of this seemed perfect to me, too!

  4. sign me up. 🙂

  5. A breath of fresh air, Tori. I’m so in. Signing up.

  6. Yes! Quirkipreneur sounds exactly like me 😀 I’m definitely down for helping in any way I can – I guess I haven’t commented much, so you probably don’t know me well, but I’ve been reading for a while. And I think this is a really exciting project!

  7. Oh yes, yes, yes! You are wonderful amazing and totally spot on. With you all the way. In fact, this might fit perfectly with one of my own uninvented wheels so do email if you want!

    Since setting myself up on the internet I’ve relabelled myself 3 times and need to do it again. So many ideas that all fit together in one indefinable space that I just can’t put my finger on, that refuses to fit neatly into a box… oh, wait -it’s me!

    Will help any way I can xx

  8. Go Team Quirk!!!
    Very *very* glad that you’re putting together what I only had vague designs for at the back of my head. Count me in to be involved with time, skills and anything else I can bring to the feast.
    Waiting for the next installment with bated breath 🙂
    Love love xox

  9. YaY!!! Quirky people party!!!

  10. Yes, yes, and YES! I love the idea my dear and I look forward to seeing more!

  11. Love it. I describe myself as a freak (thanks Kylie and Pace), but quirky works too. Or, even better since I’m a physics geek, quarky 🙂

  12. I’m so excited about this. I’m kinda new to the game and just starting to figure things out. I have been reading a lot about tribes and am so glad that I am finally getting at least read people that I can jive with.

    You are inspiring and full of awesome!

    I can say that I’m proud to be Quirky (mostly i’m called weird) and Chronically Creative.

  13. Yay Quirky! It’s one of my “three words” I chose to describe myself on my (Wildly Different) websites 🙂

    The other two were Positive and Truthful.

    I’m anxiously waiting to see what’s inside 🙂

  14. Maureen /

    You will have to build the tent right beside the desert I have on my Monster map. So I can see it. I seem to have stepped into this desert by accident and I’ve been wandering around in the stupid thing for the last 10 years. There were signs and everything but I was side-tracked.
    I’ve had no paper to put down these ideas and they’ve been crammed into my head. I feel like I’m carrying a 20lb weight on my shoulders and neck.
    Do you have pink lemonade in the tent? and very soft chocolate chip cookies?

  15. Love it! Quirkipreneur sounds a lot better than, “Duh, well, uh”!

    So smart, you are.

  16. I am Quirky and delighted by this newsworthy event!!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!!!! sign me up! (and i adore elephant, btw)

    ~peace and joy~ (and chocolate)

  17. Tori Deaux /

    Wow, I am so totally overwhelmed and humbled by your enthusiasm. I can’t begin to sort out individual replies, but I’m amused, enthused, and seriously looking forward to working on this project now!

    Thank you all so much for the response, and yes, there will be chocolate chip cookies, pink lemonade, and an open bar, for those who want such things.

    Quirk Powers, ENGAGE!

  18. So. I haven’t read your blog for a while, what with the whole being snowed under thang. But. This is just awesome. I love this. And you’re so right about the whole following other peoples’ maps not working.
    I have tried on my quirkipreneur outfit, and I believe it’s rather flattering. Let’s play!

  19. Andrea J. Phillips /

    Yay, you! So very very brilliant! Can’t wait to see what’s coming!

  20. Karagush /

    wow. i knew there had to be a word for me… and my strange whatever it is i do!

    In honour of this discovery i will share an image that spoke to the way i usually feel going thru life. My Quirky friend in Sequim agreed that this image was her too. Is it you?

    I bet it will remind Tori of someone we both know who sometimes fancies wigs.

    • Tori Deaux /

      Ok, you all must go see the link Karagush left for us. I did laugh out loud. Really.

      And I could fancy a wig like that, if I were in just the right quirky mood 😉

  21. Somebody say open bar??? It may have been Spanky’s quark joke – NIIIIICE! (It’s a physics thing)

    I can try to be quirky. Dunno if it’ll work, I’m kind of a bore, but I’ve always wanted to be different – does that count?

    I’d love to be a part of your quirky adventure, and since you’re getting a new tent I’ll have a place to put the lemurs and the camel – AWESOME!

  22. It’s a great idea Tori…and I love the way you write! So interesting, engaging, quirky and well, and (this is a really big one for me) true. Like this is so true:

    “Because we’re different.
    And no matter how well-adjusted, no matter how spiritually evolved and self-aware we are? Being isolated and alone pretty much sucks.”

    And that truth really resonates with me on so many different levels!

    So count me in! I want to be apart of the quirkipreneur movement! (Even though I kind of hate selling stuff and have been dragging my feet on it for years.) But I gotta a book that everyone seems to want to buy…so I guess I’m gonna sell it…I guess I’m gonaa be a quirkipreneur- cause I can’t do nothing straight and regular.

    I really do look forward helping out in anyway that I can, because I love all of your quirky ideas! As a writer, you’re awesome! (and believe me, I am picky…I am so picky) Almost no one can hold my attention anymore, because everyone writes mindless garbage!

    Good luck!

    Amber Lisa