The Big. Scary. Sales Page. (Run Away, Run Away!)

Nov 19

It's A Flourish!


It’s My Big-Scary-Almost-Didn’t-Finish-It Sales Page


It's another flourish!

One Scary Ducking Duck

Yesterday? I decided it was time to get the duck over it and put up a ducking sales page.

That’s when I discovered that sales pages?  Yeah. They are *way* scarier than ducks.  Scarier even than scary, mad ducks.

And even when you write them as non-sales pages?

They’re still scary.

But I did it.

And I’m celebrating by showing it to you.

Even though it’s not perfect.

Even though it doesn’t come close to following the “Best  Sales Page Practices” .

Even though if I were doing a review of it for someone else?  I’d suggest making about a gazillion changes.

Even though it’s still really, really scary.


One comment

  1. Love it, my friend! As someone who has spent many hours on the phone with you, my only critique is that the price is too low. You are a great talent among a sea of talent, and your mind works in a way that is both fascinating and envy-inducing.

    You have created a special resource in The Circus Serene, and I am so happy you’ve reached your first non-sales-page milestone.