A Ringmaster Hat! Brought to you by Simone! Yayness!

Nov 17

Seriously. It’s like an awesomely cool little mini top hat with vintage veil and flowers. And now? I can personally, definitively say that hats from Chapeaux By Simone are exceptionally well put together. Sweet.

It’s tough to photograph because it’s all black, sits at creative angles and… well.. it’s on MY head, which complicates matters immensely. Most of the photos made me look like a drunk walrus – which, while I’m sure pleasing to a male walrus? Was not really a good look for me.

I did come up with these, though.  I’m thinkin’ one needs to be my new Gravatar/Avatar – which one do ya’ll think?  (I really wish the eye rolling one was in focus, it’s such a good attitude for the circus!!)

Thank you Simone!

Chapeaux By Simone

It's A Flourish!


image image

It's another flourish!

Thank you Simone!

Chapeaux By Simone


  1. Way cute! And I love the eye-rolling one, the off-focus has a nice kinetic energy to it.

  2. WOOOT! So glad you like it! You look amazing and every bit the RingMistress. Do you carry a whip? ;0

  3. How CUUUUUTE is that hat?! Simone must be madly talented!

  4. Maureen /

    I like the black and white. You know what it reminds me of? A movie I saw once.
    Something Wicked This Way Comes…..spooky but in a sensual, sultry way.

  5. Another thumbs up on the black and white one. I like the graphic look and the way you’ve tilted your head – gorgeous hat!

  6. I LOVE it! Heaps! Can you please solemnly promise to wear it all the time because it rocks so much?