Just The Permission, Please.

Oct 26

Looking back at yesterday’s post, I realized it was more about me, than you.  It was a sort of important “about me” thing, but still – not where I’d intended to go.

So today? Yeah. It’s a redux, and all about you.


You have permission.

Permission to be weird, and permission  NOT to be weird.

The Pachyderm said so.


You have permission to follow your process, however strange or ordinary it may seem to the outside world. And you have permission to follow someone else’s process, to explore, to experiment, to try on new things for size and fit.

You have permission to to focus,  to be productive,  to stomp your feet and refuse to do *anything*.

You’re allowed to take the reins, and gallop off towards a grand destiny; you’re allowed abdicate responsibility and go splash in a mud puddle.

You’re allowed to consider if that mud puddle might just *be* your grand destiny.

The Pachyderm said so.

You have permission to *need* any of the above, whether you act on that need, or not.  In fact, you have permission to be needy.

You have permission to do, or be, think or say whatever you  need, today.

And tomorrow.

And the day after that.

Because the Pachyderm said so.

And the Pachyderm will never, ever forget that you have this permission.

But even if *you* forget, even if you never use it?

You still have permission.

That is all.

(unless of course you want to go read yesterday’s post, which sort of explains how this came to be. But you have permission not to go read it, too.)


  1. And YOU, my dear, have permission to make some posts all about YOU!

    We still learn from them, or just plain old enjoy getting a peek in that three ring circus you carry around on top of your shoulders~!

  2. Spot on posts! Being outwardly fairly normal but inwardly very different, this resonates.

    Fortunately, time and hard won wisdom have finally brought me to a place where I’m comfortable with all the parts of me.

    I like the word “quirky” to describe the combination of attributes in a kaleidoscopic spin 🙂

    • Tori Deaux /

      @Monette Yes, I think quirky is just about perfect to describe “us”- and a kaleidoscopic spin! Oh, that’s perfect too. You’ve just given me the final piece for a top-secret logo I’ve been working on! Thank you!