Declaring A New Weekend Tradition

Oct 03

image A Happy Sunday To You!

I hope this finds you bright and chirpy. Could someone bring me a coffee? Oh, and one of those cheese danish things. Thanks!

Just a moment ago, I made a decision.  See, I’ve got all of these draft posts piling up in my blogging software, and it’s getting annoying.   Some of them are waiting on timing issues. Some, I’m not quite sure where I’m going with them.  But the others? Yeah.  I’m sitting on them because I think they’re too personal, too off-topic, too-much-about me-and-not-you. either scared to hit publish for some reason.

So From This Point Forward?

Sundays (and maybe Saturdays) are for posts-that-I’m-not-comfortable sharing.

The blogging experts say that if you want something read, don’t publish on a Friday, and that weekends just don’t get viewers, and that’s often true. Twitter activity? Yeah. Definitely quieter on my list, at least.

Maybe if I’m convinced that no one is reading (or if they don’t expect serious, meaty programming anyway) I won’t worry so much about tossing out odd-little-personal blatherings or scary-things-I-want-to-say.

I may or may not get one of these drafts put together and published today, but it’s the plan.

There You Have It.

The new Weekend Tradition at the Circus.

I’ll bring the words.

You bring the cheese danish.

That Comment Thing.

Tell me about things you’re afraid to publish. What your weekends look like.  How you take your coffee.  It’s Sunday. No stress.


  1. Tori Deaux /

    I like my coffee indulgent with real cream, and sweetener. And these cookies? Lu Cinnamon Sugar Biscuits Incredible with coffee. Sadly, the big box stores here quit carrying them. BOO!

  2. I’m too scared to publish…… anything!! Anything personal, I mean. All the about-me-not-about-you stuff. The issue raised it’s head this week and I blogged about it. Then Barb sent me an open letter which I shall be blog posting tomorrow morning. I’m still too scared. I hope / think it will change slowly. In the meantime, I APPLAUD you for your decision. xox

    PS – I don’t drink coffee. When I do, the caffeine gives me a buzz which I associate with anxiety and I start feeling anxious in a terribly unfocused way. I indulge in a large collection of herbal teas instead.

    • Tori Deaux /

      I keep trying to like herbal teas, but haven’t gotten the knack somehow. I’ll keep trying, though.

      As for the scared-to-publish personal – I obviously grok it, so big hugs of support to you 🙂 It became easier for me in general when I realized that the more personal a post was, the more it was about the deeper me? The more people commented, related, and responded. The scary bit right now is that this is a new site, and I’m still setting it’s tone and direction, as well as reader’s expectations. That makes me nervous about too many tangents, and the possibility for (unintentional) controversy. I have a knack for getting on a writer’s high, and sticking my foot in my mouth up to my knee 😉

      I’ll be watching for that new post!