The Fortune Tellers Tent: What’s Your Path?

Sep 21

Your Future. It Awaits. No, Really.

‘Fortuna, Renowned Psychic!’

…read the sign.

The twenty-something woman stared or a moment, then took a deep breath,  pushing through the heavy tapestries sheilding the doorway. Blinking to adjust her eyes to the shadows, she peered towards the figure sitting behind the small table.  “Hello?”

“What will it be today, my dear? A future of fame? Romance, riches?” the stereotyped faux-gypsy woman started  into her spiel, already shuffling a deck of colorful cards. “Let’s see what handsome lover awaits–”

“None of that,” interrupted the girl, tossing a long strip of carnival tickets on the table.  “It’s more important.”

“What on this fair earth is more important than true love,  honey?” came the reply, in a practiced, velvet tone.

“Please don’t call me honey.  I want to know my path.”

“Your… path?”

“Yes. The direction my life should be following. What I’m meant to DO.  Where I’m supposed to go. You know what I mean. My path!

The faux gypsy stared for a moment, and sighed.  She pushed the tickets back across the table towards the girl, and stood up. A look of panic crossed the girls face. “But I NEED to know… really!”

“Hush.” The fortune teller stepped forward, then placed one hand on either side of the girl’s face, and looked into her eyes. Slowly, gently, she tilted the girls head, first one way, then the other, then down, until the girls chin nearly touched her chest and she had nowhere to look but the floor.

“Tada!!!” the woman said with excitement, dropping her hands to gesture wildly at the girls feet. “THERE it is! Revealed!”

The girl glanced up in confusion.

“No, No… down! Under your feet. What’s THAT? Oh my my my… it’s your PATH!”

“What? But that’s not what I mean… ”

A Path. You Haz One.Fortuna sighed, and sat back down.  “Sweetie, it IS what you mean.  You’re asking about your path, your direction.  You want to know what your life is supposed to be about, what you were created to do, right?”

The girl nodded.

“Then keep walking.  Your path is under your feet. It’s the reason you’re here. It’s why you’re on this spot of earth, in this tent, talking to me right now. Everywhere that’s behind you? Every step you’ve taken, it’s lead you to this. And this.. this place you’re centered in right now? It determines your options from this point forward, informed by where you’ve been, your past experiences. ”

“But I want the spirits to guide me on it.”

“You don’t even know what spirits are, hon and no, I’m not going to teach you that. Not today, anyway. Not in THIS tent.

“But what you need isn’t your fortune told, for some con artist to have a fake spirit to rap on a table and tell you what to do.  What you need is some bloody confidence in yourself. “

“I’m confi–”

“No, no you aren’t. Your path isn’t something you can stray from.  Oh, you may feel like you’ve lost your way sometimes. Your feet and your choices may carry you through unfamiliar territory. Chance winds will blow you in directions you didn’t intend,  force choices you didn’t want to make, present options you’d never have taken otherwise. But your path? That’s always there, with you. You may walk slowly, quickly. You may stumble. You can backtrack, take a different fork, sit down and refuse to move. Your path is still there… or rather, HERE. Now. Centered under those fashionably clad feet of yours.

“But I…”

“Shh. Don’t interupt your elders.  Speaking of which, one of *my* elders once called me Walking Woman, with a laugh.  I asked why he called me that.

Shoes. Sometimes They Need Growing Into.‘You always walking,’ he said.
‘Walk walk walk walk!
Keep walking, you wear out shoes.
Keep walking, wear out feet!
Wear out feet, get to soul!’

“Now you walk your path on out of here, girl, and start wearing out those cute shoes of yours, before I change my mind and take your money to tell you that you’ll come into a great inheritance soon.”

“Erm… One quick question?”

“Ok. Make it really quick.”

“Who was that elder?”

“Oh. Just someone I met on the Internets.”

What I’d Like To Hear From You Today:

If you grok this post,  or didn’t grok this, at all, I want to hear from you. If you don’t know what “grok” means, I want to know that, too.  Also? Experiences with fortune tellers, and your personal stance on woo.  Oh, and really cute shoes.  You can definitely leave comments about cute shoes.


  1. Totally grok this, a very good message for days we feel a little less than ourselves. Today might not be that day for me, but it’ll be good to have it running around in my head for when I need it 🙂

    Fortune tellers? I had my palm read, last year, and she identified my 2 past marriages and my current soul-mate relationship. She also said a family member would cause tears by the end of that year–that was the only thing she was wrong about (thankfully!). But if she had the year wrong, well, this year it could have been.

    I read Tarot, myself, and have had some really eye-opening experiences with it on my own behalf as well as others. I’ve communicated with spirits via pendulum and Ouija, carry a travel amulet with me to avoid accidents–I suppose I’m pretty cozy with the woo, even if I don’t define myself by it.

    Finally, my shoe collection in nearing the triple digits. The benefits of having so many is that few seldom wear out–I have shoes from 10 years ago or more and, yes, still wear them from time to time. I’ve even drawn comics about my shoes 😉

  2. Love. This. Post.

    It’s all about taking the next step! Nicely done, you.

  3. Grokking!

    I went to a fortune teller in Greenwich Village many years ago. She told me there was a woman who wanted to destroy me. She said she couldn’t see who this woman was, but if I paid her $250, she would go into a trance, find the woman and create a psychic barrier to protect me from her. I didn’t need to be present while she was in this trance, but she would need the $250 up front. True story. I said, “No thanks”. And she told me I was in mortal danger.

    After reading your post, I am wondering if the person I was in mortal danger from was me, myself, and I. If I keep walking into dangerous situations, if I ignore the inklings of my dreams, if stay where I’m comfy and numb instead taking the chances that may set me free…and so on and so forth. 😉

    I mean, aren’t we all in mortal danger simply because we are alive? So we might as well take some chances and live it up.

    I especially appreciate the reminder that everything in our past has brought us to this present moment. Even though there are some regrets and mistakes back there, I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Thank you!

  4. Tori Deaux /

    Thank you thank you – I’m especially interested in the woo conversations, because I’m trying to find a new comfort level. I’ve done some serious woo-woo stuff, but I’m also awfully skeptical. I can be awfully outspoken about both views, which confuses a lot of people. I have to find the right balance, for this project, I think.

    @Scraps – I’ve got an absurd shoe collection at the moment, but I still wear my favorites out. And have lost favs to the chewy pup, so there are more in my future! I keep thinking the not-wearing ones will land on ebay. Maybe. Someday.

    @Simone – what can I say but thank you? 🙂

    @Kirsten – Oh Oh! I’ve never talked to someone who’d had that “I’ll protect you from mortal danger for $$$!” scam pulled on them! That’s exactly the sort of “psychic” I figure Fortuna is – most of the time.

    And I love this:
    I mean, aren’t we all in mortal danger simply because we are alive? So we might as well take some chances and live it up.

    Yeah. And it wont cost us $250 bucks! (unless of course we live it up by buying cute shoes)

  5. Sotto Voce /

    “Confine yourself to observing and you always miss the point of your own life. The object can be stated this way: Live the best life you can. Life is a game whose rules you learn if you leap into it and play it to the hilt. Otherwise, you are caught off balance, continually surprised by the shifting play. Non-players often whine and complain that luck always passes them by. They refuse to see that they can create some of their own luck.” –Darwi Odrade

    Darwi is a character in the science fiction novel “Chapterhouse Dune” by Frank Herbert.

    Your story of the woman, the psychic, and the path (oh my!) sounds similar to the “leap in and play to the hilt” and “create some of your own luck” parts of the Darwi quote.



    • Tori Deaux /

      Oh, totally interesting view of this, Sotto.

      I’m going to have to chew on it for a while, but.. I think? Yes!