I’m Back! and With A Big Vision Visualization, Too.

Jan 16

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When last you heard from me way back in October,  I’d written a post about a problem with the long term vision of my business: I wasn’t actually *in* the picture.

So using one of the visualization exercises in The Right Brain Business Plan, I sat down to correct the problem.  I closed my eyes, and asked myself (and the dog siting beside me) what a picture of my success in business would look like, what doing the work would feel like.

The First Bit:

I saw myself in a beautiful, huge studio space, with hard wood flooring, glass walls, and a gorgeous view of trees and mountains in the distance.  It’s an image I’d had in my mind quite a bit recently, so it wasn’t surprising.

The room was spacious, uncluttered, almost minimalistic.  In fact, it felt more like a dance studio than an art studio, with the view and the space itself providing all of the décor necessary.  A drawing table was set up along one wall, almost like an afterthought, and the few supplies I could see were tidily and artfully arranged.

A wrap-around deck was visible through the windows. There were no railings…  so while the space was clearly elevated, I assume it wasn’t *too* elevated. A suspended wooden walkway led off into the distance, over a ravine, and eventually to a cliff-side overlook.


Below, in a desert canyon, sat a rag-tag collection of travel trailers, tiny houses, at least one gypsy wagon and for extra color? A teepee.  There was an equally rag-tag mix of people milling around them, but they all looked busy, so I mentally walked back to the studio.

Once there, I pictured myself “getting back to work”, to see what would happen.  The result? I walked over to the drawing table and sat down at my overly-tidy art table, smiling and doing something vague with a large blank piece of paper. Something vague, like moving it around.  Obviously very productive <insert sarcasm here>

That’s how it ended.

With me feeling unproductive, and pretty darn frustrated. Sure, I was actually in the picture this time, but I still seemed distant from the work and the market.

And no actual work seemed to be going on. Apparently, my subconscious defines success as reaching a level where not only can I afford a pricey bit of real-estate, but I no longer have to actually do any work, or interact with my customers.

And what was that art table stuff about?

I’ve loudly insisted over and over again I do NOT want to shift gears and try earn a living as an artist.  I hate everything about it:  the near certain necessity of commissions, the gallery games, the go-out-and-hawk-your-wares street art festivals.   What I WANT to do is gather a community, explore and share the value of quirky-business practices.

Even as a metaphor, the imagery didn’t seem particularly useful.  Seriously, “back to the drawing board” is supposed to be helpful? Were the trailers and teepees supposed to represent transitory customers, or multiple income streams/environments, or that I’d be running an entrepreneurial B&B?

I just didn’t get it.

So I tried again.

And that’s when it got even STRANGER.


To Be Continued….

(I promise, this is leading somewhere important)

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Descarte walks into a bar. The bartender says "would you like a drink?" Descarte responds "I think not!" and disappears. That's all for now, folks!


  1. I really don’t like those biz visualization things. They always seem unhelpful to me. Maybe I’m doing them wrong, but they aren’t helping me figure out what I’m doing.

    I can’t wait to see where this leads. I’m such a fan of your quirky biz stuffs.

    • Tori Deaux /

      @Delisa – I share your frustration, but I think the final post in the series (coming next week) may help a bit. The key (for me) is dropping my expectation of a literal vision of the future, and interpreting it like a dream or intuitive session. There’s always useful information there, it’s just not always in the shape we’d consciously like it in!