The Curious Case Of The Biz Viz And The Missing Me

Oct 06

“People think dreams aren't real just because they aren't made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.”  ― Neil GaimanLately, a lot of my energy is going into the background work of the big picture & other bits of biz planning – basically, that means staring at the walls, consulting with cohorts & staying plonked down in front of creativeLIVE workshops for days.  I’ve added bucketloads of ideas into the plan, and edited even more of them out of the picture.

You know the picture I’m talking about, right? The really big, Big, BIG picture-window view of a project or business?  The business visualization (also obnoxiously reffered to here as ‘biz viz’ ) that encompasses an organization’s goals, values and mission? A future-proofed projection of where the project & its leadership are going, and why they’re going there?  The picture that’s supposed to guide my choices as a leader, and keep me inspired & motivated as I build this thing?


I suddenly realized I didn’t have one.


"How about No?" --Me. And Memes. And Mini Memes.Actually, I had come up with a pretty awesome big picture visualization some time ago.  I’d just left out one crucial element… me.

See, I can sit down and talk impressively about the innovative, ground-breaking future of Quirkipreneurs. I can elaborate on who the organization will serve, how it can help entrepreneurs at every level of development, even make predictions of what it could look like from a client’s perspective in 2, 5, and 10 years. I can sit down and draw you a map of the challenges ahead, along with how we can meet those challenges. I can create a set of financial projections, name my company values, explain how this will change (a small corner) of the world, blah yadda bladitty blah blah.It’s a pretty impressive picture of the future, but there’s just one problem:  I’m not actually in it.

Oh, my finger prints  and brush strokes are all over it, sure.  Anyone could take one look at it, recognize it as a Tori Deaux concept, and immediately know that I’d guided it’s evolution. But somehow during it’s development, I hadn’t personally connected to that “biz viz” in any significant way.

My place seemed to be that of a dutiful, dedicated employee, hardly the driving force of entrepreneurial insight, innovation and energy that’s required to pull off something like Quirkipreneurs off in the long term.

"Extra points if you got the joke about Mini Memes" - Dr. Evil

That Me-Shaped-Hole in the vision?
It’s a problem – potentially a really big problem.


Visualizations are powerful tools – so powerful that their effects can seem magical. They aren’t magical, of course; it’s really all about stimulating your brain to build the right neural path ways, and letting your subconscious steer you down those new pathways until you reach the desired result, all perfectly explanable….  but hey, when what you visualize *seems* to be abracadabra’d out of You want me to give her a key?" the guy asked. "I want you to give her a possibility," she told him, looking at my necklace again. "And that's what a key represents. An open door, a chance. You know?”  ― Sarah Dessen, Lock and Keythin air? It’s hard not to use the “m” word”.

Over years of working with visualizations, I’ve discovered a key to the Magical M-ness…  you have to put yourself IN the visualization. All in, fully in, first person in, present tense in.

If you want to own your dream car? Don’t just picture the car you want; picture yourself with the car. And don’t just imagine looking AT yourself with the car…  picture yourself from within the car.  Bring as many senses as you can into it; feel the warmth of the sun through the window, the texture of the steering wheel under your hands, the sound of the engine turning over, the beep as it tells you your seatbelt isn’t fastened yet. Then take it a step further, and imagine opening the mail from your state’s title office, see the title filled out in your name, and let yourself make the gleeful, under-your-breath-squeal of “MINE!”.

KITT: "Don't touch Turbo Boost. Something tells me you shouldn't touch Turbo Boost."Without the steps of putting yourself actually in the picture with the car? You could visualize your heart out, only to discover down the road that your brain missed the “MINE!” memo and created the wrong neural pathways.

If your thoughts follow those pathways, and your actions follow those thoughts, and you may find you’ve taken steps that helped a coworker find, fall in love with and buy your dream car…  all because you forgot to picture yourself IN the car.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND? It’s Pretty Stupid Sometimes.

As brilliant and insightful as the subconscious mind is, it can also be as dumb as a rock: annoyingly, exasperatingly stupid.  My own subconscious can be so willfully dopey that I frequently suspect it of sabotaging me for it’s own amusement.

But sabotage or not, once I realized that my big vision for Quirkipreneurs  was missing that oh-so-important MINE! memo,   I knew that if I didn’t find a way to connect myself more deeply into the Quirkipreneur vision, the project was doomed. <—cue echo effect—> Doomed… DOOMED! Doomity-doomed!

Without a personal connection to the big image of my business, there’s a real risk of my building the successful reality for someone else. my personal motivations were missing, too –  the bits that give the business mission meaning not just to others, but to me.

Without that personal connection, it’s hard to stick with a project this big for the long term,  and there is the wee-thing of wanting a bit of payoff from moolah department. Honestly, I’d hate to change the world, and still not be able to pay my bills.

So I set out to change that “biz viz” and get myself back into the picture.  That’s when things got a little…  strange.

To Be Continued…

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"In heaven, all the interesting people are missing." --  Friedrich Nietzsche   "Sorry, Fred, I don't think that explains this image. But nice try." -- Me

Yes, I know I already used this image in this post, but I like it so I’m recycling it. Just pretend I’m all green and renewable. Also? The cool car photo used in another illustration  above is by mzacha on StockXchng: Thanks, mzacha!

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