My Part In The Great Pinterest Pile-On

Feb 04

It's A Flourish!

Over the past a week or two, every Social Media guru, tech site and small business blog exploded with articles about using visual bookmarking site Pinterest to drive web traffic, each of them screaming “If your brand isn’t on Pinterest, you’re leaving money on the table, Baby! ”

And though I haven’t seen any stats, I’m pretty sure that there were more blog posts written about Pinterest than there are actual Pinterest users. Seriously. I can make up the statistics if you’d like…

Ok, fine. Since you asked:

(click to embiggen)

The Great Pinterest Pile-On of 2012! (Click to Embiggen)

So,  if I think all of this blogging about yet-another-social-media-site is over-the-top, why am I adding to the pile of blog posts about Pinterest? And why in-the-glorified-name-of-P.T.Barnum did I hold an actual Tweetchat on the subject last week?

Because unlike the tech & marketing blogs that have piled onto the topic, my audience (motley crew that you are) and their right people are the exact demographic that Pinterest is attracting: creative, visual (ie, right-brained), dIYer types, who are overwhelmingly 25-50 year old women, with some college education, and a moderate (25-75k) income.

I don’t have official stats for the Quirkipreneur demographic, but if I did, I imagine a Venn diagram of it would look something like this:

Pinterest vs Quirkipreneurs: A Venn Diagram + Cats (Click to Embiggen)

But no matter how perfect a fit
I think Pinterest is for you…

I am NOT going to pressure you to join the site. And I’m not going to tell you how you MUST use it for business purposes, OMG, RIGHT NOW! And I’m not going to tell you that if you don’t use Pinterest, your business is going to fail, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will starve, or that you’ll find yourself in a special hell of the Pin-less, doomed to forever be picked last for 4th period PhysEd dodge-ball teams. (Not that I’d know anything about THAT. Ahem. Moving on.)

You don’t have to get a Pinterest account.

Really.  No matter how enthused I sound about it, no matter how enthused others sound about it? The world will not end if you never pin a single thing on Pinterest.

I promise.

But you might find that
Pinterest is an intriguing tool.

And you might find it useful, both personally, and creatively.  You might discover that it inspires new ideas, new approaches, new ways of thinking. You might find that it gives you a better sense of the marketplace, and a deeper look at exactly who your right people might be. It could open up new areas and niches to develop, help you spot hot trends, or recognize things that are already done-to-death.

For a few of you?  Pinterest just might turn out to be a significant source of web traffic, a way to attract new customers, to connect to peers and potential partners, or to support & deepen the sense of connection with existing customers, bringing them further into your sphere of influence and back to your site.

Because Pinterest? Yeah. It’s driving a LOT of traffic… and not just maybe-interested traffic like the search engines, but truly-interested, targeted hungry traffic.  Here’s how it works, illustrated with one of Lisa Firke’s Rabbit, Rabbit prints:

One Way Pinterest Drives Sales: Cute Rabbits! (Click to Embiggen)

Cool, huh?  But what’s extra awesome-possum cool about it is that the people clicking through from the pins are actively looking for more information about that image. That holds true if it’s an illustration, (like Lisa’s) a recipe, a DIY craft project, fashion item, celebrity photo, infographic, etc etc.  And once they find that information, they’re likely to hang out and see what else you have to offer.  So it’s not just driving traffic, it’s driving relevant, interested, *hungry* traffic that is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

That makes Pinterest worth exploring.

It also makes Pinterest-For-Quirkipreneurs a topic worth writing about.

So we’re going to do that over the next week or two, because, you know, why not?   Pinterest is, after all, pretty much a visual 3-ring circus of the quirky and delicious.

P.S.  I almost forgot…  let’s experiment —  pin one or two of the graphics I created here, will ya?

It's Another Flourish!

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  • If you are on Pinterest, please leave a comment below, telling the rest of us how to find you!
  • And if you really really hate Pinterest? Just avoid the Internet over the next month or so.  ‘Cause it’s going to get worse before it gets better!

    1. I am “scrapsoflife” on Pinterest & do more pinning per personal reminders than re-pinning of others, though I’m working on visiting the site to check out other people’s stuff more.

    2. Tori Deaux /

      I forgot to leave my own Pinterest account, didn’t I? Predictibly, I’m @ToriDeaux — 🙂

    3. Woohoo! Pin me, baby.

      Seriously, thanks so much for using my modest rabbit illustration as an example of how awesome pinning is.

      Re-pin me, everyone!

    4. Tori Deaux /

      So welcome, Lisa. Your rabbit is teh awesomez, and I shall own him soon. SOON, little rabbit, SOON!

      And here’s Lisa’s Pinterest account, since she forgot to leave it 😉

    5. Okay, you’ve made sense to me. 🙂 :>
      May I have an invite, pls & thank you? 🙂 :>

    6. Maureen /

      Me too! Send me an invite! Will there be milk and cookies too?

      • Tori Deaux /

        All requested invites sent! And there are lots of milk & cookies on Pinterest. LOTS!